Switching The Night Light On/Off; Set Alarm Time Mode; Adjusting The Light Intensity - Silvercrest SKS 4 A1 Operating Instructions And Safety Instructions

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To stop the alarm prematurely, set the main switch
you want the light to remain on, or
turned off.
Set the main switch
up time and bedtime with light, i.e. without sound.
Set the Main switch
When the light is activated, the illuminated area
you turn the main switch
illuminated area
alarm shortly before or at the set alarm times or deactivate the light com-
pletely (section "Switching the illuminated area on/ off").
Switching the night light on/off
You can also use the appliance solely as a night light. The motif disc with one
To turn the night light on or off:
Set the main switch
If you have not already done so, switch on the LED light of the illuminated
Activate both LED lights of illuminated area
illuminated area").
The night light is on. To turn off the night light:
Set the main switch

Set alarm time mode

You can set different alarm times for the days of the week and the weekend.
Use this function if you want your child to sleep and get up at other times on the
weekend than during the week.
On weekdays (Mon–Fri) move the W./W.E. slider switch
W. and on weekends (Sat/Sun) to the position W.E.
For the preset times and setting options see section "Setting the alarm times".

Adjusting the light intensity

Set the brightness of the display
back of the appliance.
SKS 4 A1
to the position if you only want to display the wake-
to the position
to light up for a long time, you can either activate the
is intended for this purpose.
to the position .
(see section "Switching the illuminated area on/off").
to the position
if you want the sound and light to be
to deactivate all alarm signals.
to the position
or . If you do not want the
(see section "Setting the
using the slider switch
to the position if
lights up as soon as
to the position
on the
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents