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Modes - Silvercrest SADP 4 A1 Operating Instructions And Safety Instructions

Physical activity tracker
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The tracker has 11 modes which are listed in the following table. On the Silver-
Crest SmartActive app under "Settings"
"Function" if you want to enable or disable modes. You can activate or disable
the inactivity alarm mode under the option "Inactivity reminder". You can set
alarms under "Vibration alarm". The main functions – Heart rate mode, Pedometer
mode and Sleeping mode, as well as Time mode and Mobile device search
mode – cannot be disabled.
Time mode
Heart rate mode
Pedometer mode
Mobile device search mode
Calorie mode
Distance mode
Activity time mode
Target monitoring mode
Vibration alarm mode
Inactivity reminder mode
Sleeping mode
You can switch between modes by briefly pressing the
In the Operating overview (display screen) section you can choose between
the modes and learn how to use the various functions.
If you make settings in the SilverCrest SmartActive app and save them,
on the tracker's display
Time mode /
The first mode shown on the tracker is time mode. Time mode is the initial
display on the tracker. When the device is in power-saving mode, time mode
is always shown when you activate the display
the display
if you press and hold the menu button
 │ US - EN
in the "SADP 4 A1" menu, select
next to the time. The tracker also vibrates.
menu button.
. In time mode, you can lock
for 3 seconds.

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Table of Contents

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