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What To Do If - Electrolux GA60GLI220 User Manual

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2. Filter (A) has two parts. To disassemble
the filter, pull them apart.
3. Fully clean the parts with water.
4. Put the two parts of the filter (A) togeth-
er and push. Make sure that they as-
semble correctly in each other.
5. Remove the filter (B).
6. Fully clean the filter (B) with water.
7. Put the filter (B) to its initial position.
Make sure that it assembles correctly in
the two guides (C).


The start of the appliance does not occur or
it stops during operation.
First try to find a solution to the problem (re-
fer to the table). If not, contact the service
With some malfunctions, the display
shows an alarm code:
- The appliance does not fill with wa-
The appliance does not fill with
8. Put the filter (A) into position in filter (B).
To clean the spray arms
Do not remove the spray arms.
If the holes in the spray arms become clog-
ged, remove remaining parts of soil with a
thin pointed object.
To clean the external surfaces
Clean the external surfaces of the appliance
and control panel with a moist soft cloth.
Only use neutral detergents.
Do not use abrasive products, abrasive
cleaning pads or solvents (acetone).
Possible cause
The water tap is blocked or
there is limescale on it.
The water pressure is too low.
The water tap is closed.
The filter in the water inlet hose
is blocked.
The connection of the water in-
let hose is not correct.
Turn the filter (A) clockwise until it locks.
- The appliance does not drain the
- The anti-flood device is on.
Warning! Deactivate the appliance
before you do the checks.
Possible solution
Clean the water tap.
Contact your local water au-
Open the water tap.
Clean the filter.
Make sure that the connection
is correct.
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Table of Contents