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Makita 4350T Technical Information page 7

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[7] Disassembling blade holder
1. Disassemble Rod with referring to [5] Disassembling Gear housing cover section in page 4.
2. Disassemble Dust cover, and then disassemble Retaining ring R-18 using 1R311. (Fig. 17)
Blade holder and Torsion spring 15 are separated from Rod as illustrated in Fig. 18.
Fig. 17
Dust cover
ring R-18
Blade holder
[8] Assembling blade holder
1. Apply Makita grease FA No.2 to Push pin.
Insert Push pin to Rod.
Insert the short hook end of Torsion spring 15 to Rod. (Fig. 19)
2. Align the mark of Blade holder and the long hook end of Push pin, and then cover Blade holder on Rod with Torsion
spring 15. (Fig. 20)
3. Bring the long hook end to the space A of Blade holder by turning clockwise. (Fig. 21)
Fig. 19
Hole for
Push pin
Push pin
The short hook end
of Torsion spring 15
4. Push Rod into Blade holder, and then assemble Retaining ring R-18 to the groove in Blade holder using 1R311. (Fig. 22)
5. Install Dust cover as illustrated in Fig.23.
Fig. 22
Retaining ring R-18
Fig. 18
Note: Be careful not to lose Push pin when disassembling.
Fig. 20
Hole for
The long hook end
of Torsion spring 15
spring 15
The mark of
Blade holder
Fig. 23
Dust cover
Push pin
Blade holder
Fig. 21
The long hook end of Torsion
spring 15
P 7 / 14
Torsion spring 15
Space A
Press dust cover
to Blade holder.



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