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Makita 4350T Technical Information page 6

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7. Install Stop ring E-3 to secure Pin 4 as illustrated in Fig. 15.
8. Check whether Slider can reciprocate on Linear guides smoothly.
Note: If Slider does not reciprocate smoothly, Linear guides may lean to the left or the right.
Try again to assemble Linear guides correctly.
Fig. 15
9. Lubricate the parts assembled in Gear housing cover. Refer to [1] Lubrication in page 2.
10. Align Slider to Needle bearing 407 on crank complete, and then assemble Gear housing cover section to Gear housing
as illustrated in Figs. 6 and 16.
Note: 1) Do not forget to assemble packing between Gear housing cover and Gear housing.
2) Be sure to set Safety wire in place before fixing Handles L and R.
3) Be sure to tighten Strain relief firmly with 4x18 Tapping screws before fitting Handles L and R.
Otherwise, It may pull Power supply cord out of the body.
Fig. 16
Linear guide
Pin 4
Needle bearing 407
Gear housing
Stop ring E-3
Crank complete
Balance plate
Gear housing
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