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1.77inch 3g feature phone


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1.77inch 3G Feature Phone

User Manual

Model: B8305
Read this manual carefully before operation.


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  • Page 1: User Manual

    English 1.77inch 3G Feature Phone User Manual Model: B8305 Read this manual carefully before operation.
  • Page 2 FCC Regulations This mobile phone complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interfere nce, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interfe rence that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 3 SAR information on this model phone is on file with the FCC and can b e found under the Display Grant section of www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid after searching on FCC ID: 2ABW9-B8305. For body worn operation, this phone has been tested and meets the FCC RF exposure guidelines for use with an accessory that contains no metal and the positions the handset a minimum of 1.5 cm from the body.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents User Manual ..................1  Table of Contents ................4  Safety and Maintenance..............5  Your Cell Phone ................9  1.1 A ................9  PPEARANCE Instructions before Use ..............10  2.1 I ..........10  NSTALL OR REMOVE THE BATTERY 2.2 C ..............
  • Page 5: Safety And Maintenance

    Safety and Maintenance While using the cell phone, please observe following points: • Before use, please read instruction manual carefully. • Do not power on the cell phone when use of cell phone is prohibited or it may cause interruption or danger. •...
  • Page 6 • Your cell phone is not water-proof, so please keep it dry. Do not use it in damp environment, such as bathroom. Keep it away from rain and moisture. • If your cell phone has external antenna, do not touch the antenna when it is not necessary.
  • Page 7 • Prevent the battery from exposure to the sin or places with excessive smoke or dust. Do not use it in damp environment, such as bathroom. The battery is not waterproof; so keep it away from rain and moisture. • Do not put the battery in places that are too hot or too cold. Temperature above 55℃...
  • Page 8 • When to pull out the plug, hold the charger instead of dragging the power cable so as to avoid damage of power cable. • Keep the charger out of reach of children so as to avoid danger.
  • Page 9: Your Cell Phone

    Your Cell Phone 1.1 Appearance ⑴ Flash ⑺ LED ⒀ Camera ⑵ Receiver ⑻ RSK ⒁ Speaker ⑶ LSK ⑼ Msg. key ⒂ USB jack ⑷ Camera key ⑽ End key ⒃ Headset jack ⑸ Send key ⑾ Num.key ⑹ * key ⑿...
  • Page 10: Instructions Before Use

    Instructions before Use 2.1 Install or remove the battery 2.1.1 Install battery 1. Aim the small button at the bottom of battery to corresponding slot at the bottom of battery bank. 2. Press battery towards the cell phone and press it until it is locked. 2.1.2 Remove the battery Guaranteed that your handset is at the close-down condition.
  • Page 11: Power On/Off

    Note: SIM card is a computer chip containing protocol details, security information and personal phonebook, etc. 2.4 Power on/off Ensure battery is properly installed. Power on and hold [End key] button until boot screen appears. To power off, hold [End key] until Sliding interface shutdown appears,then sliding shutdown.
  • Page 12: Basic Functions

    Basic Functions 3.1 Dial phone 3.1.1 Direct dial In standby state, click virtual keyboard by the number keys to enter your phone number to call.To delete wrong input, press [Delete soft key] to delete a number before the cursor. To delete all numbers, please click [Delete softkey] until all numbers are deleted or click [Hang-on] softkey to return to standby interface directly.
  • Page 13: Talk Options

    Input country code, area code (without 0) and phone number and then press [GSM soft key]. Note: Some networks do not allow “+” for dialing international numbers. 3.6 Talk options Hold: temporarily hold the current call. End single call: end the current call. New Call: call the opposite party to build a Call to Many.
  • Page 14: Menu Functions

    Menu Functions You can press left soft key in standby state to enter the main menu. Once you have entered the main menu, you can select corresponding options by Arrow keys move the cursor through then pressing ok key to enter it through direction key.
  • Page 15: Call Center

    1. Preferred storage: Select priority storage location for a new contact. 2. Speed dial: Set speed dial from phonebook, and you can dial the contact by press and a number of key in standby mode. 3. My number: Set personal business cards and send. 4.
  • Page 16: Settings

    Call time reminder: open or close the function, remind with a warning tone during the calling. Auto quick end: automatically end the calling when time is on. Reject by SMS: set on/off. Connect notice: set on/off. Answer mode: set on/off any key answer the calls and auto answer when headset mode.
  • Page 17: File Manager

    2. Connection management View the phone's connection information. 3. Data connection SIM Choose the SIM card when connected to the network. 4. Date account: GPRS: Add or edit the GPRS account. 5. Internet tethering Set the WLAN hotspot. 6. Data service Set on/off.
  • Page 18: Organizer

    Move the cursor down to video recorder, click the LSK into video recorder, then press ok to record. 4. Video player Play the video file of the memory. 5. Photo editor Editor the picture files. 6. Audio player Enter the audio player, press [list]-[options]-[settings], change pre.playlist to memory card.
  • Page 19: User Profiles

    2. Calendar You can use the phone’s calendar to keep track of reminders, calls you need to make, meetings and birthdays. You can set the calendar to sound an alarm when it’s time for you to make a call or to go to a meeting. Press Options to the options list, you can View task, view all,add event,delete event,jump to date,go to today,go to weekly view, print.
  • Page 20: Services

    Sort by, Apply global settings, Help 4.11 Services Your cell phone has WAP, Data account, China world and Multimedia downloading function, which enables users to get information needed from Internet. 1. WAP Home page: Connect to home page. Bookmarks: Enter bookmarks where have five bookmarks Input Address: input a web page Recent Pages: Enter the history page Service Inbox: get the service message...
  • Page 21: Faq

    If any problems are encountered while using the cell phone, please solve them with reference to following items. If the problems still exit, please contact dealers or service provider appointed byNovo immediately. “Enter PIN code" appears on the screen: Enter valid PIN code of your SIM card. Please contact network service operator immediately if you do not know the code.
  • Page 22 SMS service, or recipient of short message is invalid, or network service operator of your region does not support this service. Cannot charge: There are three possibilities: 1. Charger of your cell phone does not work properly. You can contact nearest service provider or dealer appointed by Novo; 2.

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