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XIEGU G90 Operation Manual

Portable sdr hf transceiver built-in automatic antenna tuner atu.
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Built-in automatic antenna tuner ATU
Portable SDR HF Transceiver
Operation manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Built-in automatic antenna tuner ATU Portable SDR HF Transceiver Operation manual XIEGUTECH V1.00.01...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    M e n u o p e r a t i o n Packing items Display interface G90 and XPA125B connection diagram P o w e r o n / o f f CE-19 expansion card interface Operating frequency bands selection...
  • Page 4: Basic Feature

    G90 is a portable 20W HF amateur radio transceiver with an SDR architecture with built-in auto antenna tuner. The display unit and the radio can be separated. It is a new member of the Xiegu product family and the first model of the G series.
  • Page 5: P O W E R O N / O F

    Ci90 TRANSCEIVER ID· m> ·...
  • Page 6 Panel button Panel button Volume knob  Turning,+ /– the volume. △F Pilot  Short press,Switch to headphone output mode. Power/ Receive or transmitting status pilot lamp. Main Knob  Standby/receive status, showing yellow-green; Operating this knob will change the current ...
  • Page 7: Panel Button

    Panel button Function button Button definitions and functions are detailed in the operation section.
  • Page 8: Front Panel Interface

    Machine-head interface Panel button 20 MIC Interface On the right side of the machine-head Connecting the multi-function MIC to this connector. 21 headphone interface On the left side of the machine- head This 3.5mm stereo jack (3-pin) for connecting headphones. 22 Self-defining(communication) interface the left side of the machine-head Firmware update for the machine-head (Controller), or...
  • Page 9: Tail Interface

    Tail plate interface Antenna interface COMM interface SL16-K type,impedance 50Ω。 Using for the case firmware updates.。 KEY interface I/Q Signal output The interface is a 3.5mm stereo jack for “I/Q” signal The interface is a 3.5mm stereo jack for connection to manual/automatic telegraph keys.
  • Page 10: Interface Definition

    Interface definition Panel button 4、ACC interface 1、 MIC interface DATA MICE MSVSW AF_OUT AF_IN MDATA BAND 5、Telegraph key wiring diagram 2、 COMM Connector 3、 Headphone interface 信号 Note:滴(di)嗒(da)公共(common) 信号 Note: 信号(signal)...
  • Page 11: M Ic Button

    Hand MIC 1、LOCK Lock button 2、PTT Transmit control button 3、UP / DOWN Frequency "+" or "-" buttons 4、Receive/transmit indicator Hand Mic operation indicator 5、Numeric keypad Numeric keypad area 6、FIL 7、MODE Filter selection 8、Function indicator Case operation mode 9、Function button 10、MW F1/F2 self-defining setting button 11、V/M Storage operation...
  • Page 12: External Power Connection Method

    External power connection Panel button The G90 can use a 13.8V external DC power supply. The DC power supply has a current load capacity of at least 10A. The supplied power cord can be used to connect radio and DC power.
  • Page 13 Operating When the G90 uses an external power supply, in order to prevent external interference from entering the radio through the power line or the radio frequency interference in the radio is radiated outside through the power line, we can put the EMC magnetic ring on the power line.
  • Page 14: Display Interface

    External power connection The G90 uses the Quick Mode button operation to use or turn off various functions. All functions are distributed on each function button (or in the second function). All functions are turned on or off or adjusted and displayed or reminded in the corresponding area on the screen.。...
  • Page 15 Operating Hi Dear friends. In order to let you master the functions and proficiency of the G90 portable transceiver ASAP, please read the operation guide of this manual to understand the powerful functions of the G90. Go ahead now! Turn on/off Transceiver 1、Turn on:press...
  • Page 16: Operating Frequency Bands Selection

    Operating Operating frequency band selection The G90's frequency range covers 0.5 to 30 MHz. Amateur frequencies within this range are divided into multiple bands, and band switching can be performed in a number of different ways. Operation method: < >...
  • Page 17: Operating Mode Selection

    Operating Operating mode select MODE ] button, In all modes , according to the following Press [ fixed order switching Mode left loop Mode right loop  The FM mode can only be turned on when used with the GSOC controller.
  • Page 18: Volume Adjustment

    Operating VOLUME CONTROL Speaker mode: Rotate the volume knob left or right to adjust the size of the output volume. Headphone mode:  Press the volume knob short to enter headphone mode.  Rotate the volume knob left or right to adjust the size of the headset volume.
  • Page 19: Multifunction Adjustment Knob

    Operating Multifunction adjustment knob The multifunction knob provides several operation options and can customize features. Operation method: Default: Stepping of 100 kHz frequency bits. Multi-function adjustment Short press: Enter SQL item to adjust SQL noise depth. Hold press:Go to the User Custom feature menu, rotate The main knob to select the appropriate function, and short press the “SAVE”...
  • Page 20: Adjusting Transmit Power Po

    2、 Rotate [multifunction adjustment knob] for power setting with stepping 1W。  When using the G90 transceiver for the first time without understanding the current antenna state, minimize the set transmit power value.
  • Page 21: Setting Operation Frequency

    2、Set the frequency using the multifunction handle  Press the [F-INP ENT] button on the handle, G90 enter the frequency setting state, the cursor will blink in the first position on the left side of the frequency display bit; ...
  • Page 22 Operating Automatic Antenna Tuner This G90 is integrated with an efficient automatic antenna tuner that can help you quickly set up and debug your antenna. Tuner  Short press the [TUNE] button, will be connected to the built-in antenna tuner, the "TUNE" logo will be displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Page 23: Function Buttons

    Operating Function button Its common functions are distributed on the various function keys. Some function keys have a second function. When the function is selected, turn the main knob to adjust the value. Operation of the second function:  Press the [FUNC] button at first, the “F” indicator will light, then press the corresponding function button. ...
  • Page 24 Operating Button function table Func1 (press cycle Func2 FUNC+) Hold press Button PRE/ATT PRE--ATT-- direct connection CMP/F-L Turn on transmit voice compression Digital filter F-L low-end frequency selection NB/F-H Turn on pulse interference canceller Digital filter F-H high-end frequency selection AGC--、AGC-S、AGC-F、AGC-A cycle AGC/SPL Turn on split frequency transceiver operation mode...
  • Page 25: Setting Spl And Vfo

    Operating Split frequency transceiving operation SPL and VFOA/B settings There are two independent VFOs inside the G90 transceiver. We can set different frequencies and modes separately. With the SPL function, it is VFO operation convenient to realize the split transceiving operation.
  • Page 26: Cw Transmission

    The [KEY] button function contains adjustment Practice mode: items that are commonly used when doing CW You can use the G90 as a CW code trainer. communication:: The operation method is as follows: In the [KEY] button function, the QSK ...
  • Page 27: Cw Auto Pager

    Operating CW automatic caller MSG1~MSG3 (Not yet opened, need to be used with GSOC controller) The G90 host provides 4 sets of CW preset telegraph text storage for automatic call in CW mode. Operation method: To be determined...
  • Page 28: Standing Wave Scanner Swr

    Operating Standing wave scanner SWR (Not yet opened) G90 host has an antenna standing wave scanning function, which can scan the standing wave parameters of the current antenna, and is convenient for the user to adjust the antenna.。 Operation method :...
  • Page 29: Digital Filter

    Operating Digital filter The G90 has a built-in variable digital filter that implements a narrowband filter function to improve signal identification. Operation method:  Operate the [CMP/F-L] button and the second function of the [NB/F-H] button;  Rotate the main knob to adjust the lower limit of the digital filter frequency and the upper limit of the frequency respectively until the user experience is appropriate;...
  • Page 30: Line Input / Output Selection

    Operating Line input/output The G90 has an external line input interface. When communicating with a computer or an external modem for data communication, the corresponding input/output items should be correctly selected. Operating method:  In the system menu, using ACC port line input, select: AUX LINE IN. Set the appropriate input volume.
  • Page 31: Channel Memory Mw

    Operating Channel storage MW, clear MC Channel storage: In the VFO mode, adjust the required frequency, mode, advanced function status and other parameters; Press the [ MW/MC ] button to start the channel storage operation; Rotate the main knob to select the channel number to be stored, and short press the main knob to complete the channel storage;...
  • Page 32: Pre-channel Naming Tag

    Operating Channel naming TAG (need to be used with GSOC large screen controller) Stored channels can be named with "tags" consisting of letters and numbers. Operating method: To be determined.
  • Page 33: Boot Interface Call Sign Setting Call

    Operating Boot interface call sign setting CSN The G90 can set the call sign information displayed on the boot interface. Operating method: 1. Press and hold the [FUNC] button to go to the system setup menu and select the [CALL SIGN] function to go to the call sign editor;...
  • Page 34: Connect To A Computer For Data Communication

    Connect the computer audio output/input to the G90 from the ACC port (MINI-DIN8).  Insert the data cable into the COMM port, connect the G90 to the computer, and ensure that the computer driver of the data cable is installed correctly. The PC software can control the G90 transceiver;...
  • Page 35: System Parameter Setting

    It can also be used to configure the control instructions of other software to control the G90. Band voltage data The G90's ACC port provides band data for each band. The band data can control the peripheral to automatically switch the band or share the band information with other devices.
  • Page 36: Performance Parameter

    Performance parameter General parameters Receiver parameters Frequency Range: receive:0.5MHz~30MHz Circuit type: ≥60dB transmitting:160M~10M ( Adjacent channel suppression: Amateur ≥60dB Sideband suppression: ) radio band only transmitting mode: A1A(CW), A3E(AM), J3E(USB/LSB), F3E(FM) Sensitivity: Mini step: 10Hz Antenna impedance: 50Ω SSB/CW/FM 0℃ ~ +50℃ Range of operating temperature:...
  • Page 37: Packing Items

    Warranty Card 1pcs Certificate 1pcs * Optional accessories Item name Description CE-19 ACC expansion adapter XPA125B 100W power amplifier (with built-in antenna adjuster) GSOC G90 dedicated large screen controller *1 The GSOC controller is expected to be available in 2019.
  • Page 38: G90 And Xpa125b Connection Diagram

    Copyright Notice Connection diagram between G90 and XPA125B ACC口 TO XPA125 CE-19 XPA125B 线 6芯线 8芯 6 Pin *note:The 8-core ACC control line is delivered in the CE19 kit.
  • Page 39: Expansion Card Interface

    appendix 2 Operating CE-19 expansion adapter interface diagram PTT CON PTT signal / BAND signal output port. The PTT signal of this port is completely isolated from the host, providing a "low level" trigger associated with the host. TO XPA125B XPA12B dedicated interface.
  • Page 40 Copyright Notice...

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