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Silvercrest SAB 4.8 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 5

Rechargeable floor sweeper


How to clean the dirt container:
To maintain the efficiency of the rechargeable
battery floor sweeper, empty the dirt container after
every use.
Press the unlocking button of the dirt
container to detach it from the device.
With a slight upward movement, pull the dirt
container horizontally from the device.
• Empty the dirt container and re-insert.
How to clean the brush:
If the brush roller cannot be turned any longer
because of accumulated coarse dirt or threads,
proceed as follows:
• Turn over the rechargeable battery floor
sweeper and hold it so that the flat side with the
brush roller faces you.
Remove the small cover on the right-hand side.
• Loosen the drive belt by pushing it to the right.
Lift the brush roller on the right-hand side and
remove the guide bushing with the washer
Now pull the brush roller from the device to the
right-hand side.
• Remove the dirt (on both sides of the bristle) and
clean the brush.
After cleaning, proceed as follows to re-install the
brush roller:
• Insert the drive belt in the compartment and
place it around the motor drive pulley.
• Place the washer on the guide bushing and
insert the brush roller into the left guide channel.
• Pull the drive belt over the guide bushing and
re-insert the brush roller into the right channel.
• Now pull the drive belt over the drive cog of the
brush roller.
• Fit the brush cover by first introducing the lower
lugs in the recesses and press the cover in at the
• Ensure that the device is not inadvertently
switched on with the dirt container removed or
while cleaning the brush. Risk of Injury!
• Do not clean the device during the charging
process. Risk of Injury!
Use the supplied wall bracket for practical and
space-saving storage or when charging the device.
• Do not expose the rechargeable battery floor
sweeper to extreme temperatures or moisture.
• Do not therefore store it near ovens, heating ele-
ments, burners or in the bathroom.
• Never leave the device without it having been
switched off - the rechargeable battery could be
damaged through depletion.
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