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Egg Cooker; Safety Instructions - Silvercrest SEK400A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Silvercrest egg cooker user manual
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Egg Cooker

Read the operating instructions carefully before
using the appliance for the first time and preserve
this booklet for later reference. Pass the manual on
to whomsoever might acquire the appliance at a
later date.
1. Intended use
This appliance is intended exclusively for cooking
and keeping warm chicken eggs in private
It is not intended for use with other foods or other
materials. It is also not intended for commercial or
industrial use.
2. Technical data
Power consumption:
3. Appliance description
Egg holder
Cooking bowl
Operating switch
(position "
": cook)
(position "O": off)
(position "
": keep warm)
Rolled-up cable
Measuring cup
Egg pick (integrated in the measuring cup)
220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
400 W
Max. 7 eggs

4. Safety instructions

DANGER! Electric shock!
Risk of fire!
• Only connect the egg cooker to a properly
installed and grounded socket with a main
voltage of 220 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz.
• Always pull the power plug from the socket
when you move or fill the device, in event of pro-
blems, before cleaning the appliance and while
the cooker is not in use! Never pull on the power
cord, only on the power plug. Never touch the
appliance plug with wet or moist hands.
Never submerge the appliance in liquid, never
subject it to moisture and never use it out-
• If the appliance does fall into liquid, immediately
pull the power plug from the socket. Then refrain
from operating the appliance until it has been
inspected by an approved service company.
• Do not use the egg cooker if it is located on a
wet surface or if your hands or the appliance
are wet.
• Position the power cord so that it does not come
into contact with hot or sharp-edged objects.
• Do not kink or crush the power cord and do not
wind it around the appliance.
• Arrange for defective power plugs and/or ca-
bles to be replaced as soon as possible by a
qualified technician or by our Customer Service
Department to avoid the risk of injury.
• Do not use an external time switch or a separate
remote control system to operate the appliance.
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