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Warranty - Husqvarna C 3000 Operator's Manual

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New equipment sold by Husqvarna is warranted to be
free from manufacturing defects in normal service for a
period of one (1) year from date of purchase by the
original consumer purchaser*. Component
manufacturers offer separate warranty periods. Call
Technical Services at (800) 365-5040 for complete
Husqvarna´s obligation under this warranty is expressly
limited to the replacement or repair at Husqvarna
Construction Products, or at a service facility designated
by us, of such part or parts as inspection shall disclose
to have been defective.
This warranty does not apply to defects caused by
damage, unreasonable use, faulty repairs made by
others or defects caused by failure to provide
reasonable maintenance, while in the possession of the
consumer. Further, the warranty is void if the product, or
any of its components, is altered or modified by the
consumer or if the product is used in an inappropriate
manner or with a blade not recommended by the
(*) Husqvarna offers a 1-year warranty on all equipment
with the following exceptions:
Large flat saws - 2 years (Diesel and gasoline
powered flat saws > 30 hp)
DM 280/DM 340/DM 650 core drill motors - 2 years
PG 530/PG 680/PG 820 (all variants, including RC) -
2 years, or 1,000 hours (whichever comes first)
Blade Clutch on large flat saws - 6 months
Wear items are not covered under warranty:
Cart wheels
Wear pads
Spark plugs
(**) Except IntelliSeal System
(***) Except delamination
819 - 002 - 23.11.2018


Table of Contents

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