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Sharp DX-AT50 Operation Manual

1-bit digital home theater
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Table of Contents
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pages i to iv and
E-1 to E-52.
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pages iv et
F-1 à F-52.


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Sharp DX-AT50

  • Page 1 1-BIT DIGITAL HOME THEATER DVD PLAYER ENSEMBLE HOME THEATER 1 BIT LECTEUR DVD DX-AT50 SD-AT50 ENGLISH Please refer to pages i to iv and E-1 to E-52. OPERATION MANUAL MODE D’EMPLOI FRANÇAIS Se reporter aux pages iv et F-1 à F-52.
  • Page 2 SPECIAL NOTES CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. Explanation of Graphical Symbols: The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. Retain Instructions - The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. Heed Warnings - All warnings on the product and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Outdoor Antenna Grounding - If an outside antenna or cable system is connected to the product, be sure the antenna or cable system is grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static charges. Article 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/ NFPA 70, provides information with regard to proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an an- tenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna-...
  • Page 5 That makes good economic sense and it’s good for our environment. NERGY TAR® is a U.S. registered mark. 1992-1999 Dolby Laborato- NERGY TAR® Program Information TAR® Partner, SHARP has determined that this product meets the NERGY TAR® is a U.S. registered mark. WHY PURCHASE NERGY TAR® LABELED PRODUCTS? Many Electrical/Electronic Products use energy both when they are on and when they are off.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Playing a disc ..........27, 28 ENGLISH ! SD-AT50 1-Bit Digital Home Theater and DX-AT50 DVD Player should be com- bined for use.
  • Page 7: Types Of Playable Discs

    ! During operation, " " may be displayed on the screen. This means that the opera- tions described in this manual are prohibited by the disc. " Types of playable discs Page The DVD player can play back discs bearing any of the following marks: Disc type Disc contents DVD Video Disc for NTSC...
  • Page 8: Accessories

    Accessories SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH Please confirm that the following accessories are included. Remote control 1 "AAA" size battery (UM-4, R03, (RRMCG0354AWSA) Yellow Video cable 1 (QCNQG0055AWZZ) AM loop antenna 1 (QANTL0012AWZZ) Note: Only the above accessories are included. AC power cord 1...
  • Page 9: Precautions

    SHARP will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of this system with a voltage other than that which is specified.
  • Page 10: Description Of Discs

    ! Faulty playback may damage the speakers and can have an adverse effect on your hearing when played at high volume settings. ! This DVD player adopts the NTSC system. Discs that were made in foreign countries may not be played back. Check the recording system before pur- chasing discs.
  • Page 11: Controls And Indicators

    14.Headphone Jack ........28 15.System Connection Jack (to DVD player) ....11 16.Audio Digital Input Jack .
  • Page 12 Controls and indicators (continued) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH Side Front Back " Subwoofer/Amplifier Unit 1. Subwoofer 2. Bass Reflex Duct 3. System Connection Jack (to AV control unit) ....11 4.
  • Page 13 24.AC Power Cord ......... 18 SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH...
  • Page 14 Controls and indicators (continued) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH [Front] " Remote control 1. Remote Control Transmitter .......17 2.
  • Page 15 19.Sliding Cover ......... . . 17 Buttons with " " mark in the illustration can be operated on the back of the remote control. SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH Reference page E-10...
  • Page 16: System Connections

    DIGITAL/ANALOG button to switch between digital and analog signals accord- ing to the connection. Caution: ! Make sure to connect the system after unplugging the DVD player and the Set them close subwoofer/amplifier unit. to one another.
  • Page 17: Connecting The Satellite Speakers

    (Satellite speaker) Speaker terminals White Caution: ! Make sure to connect the speakers after unplugging the DVD player and the subwoofer/amplifier unit. Subwoofer/ ! Insert the speaker plug fully with the rising side facing to the left. Amplifier unit ! Hold the speaker plug when removing it from the subwoofer/amplifier unit.
  • Page 18: Antenna Connection

    Screws (not supplied) Notes: ! Change the TV input in accordance with the connected jack. ! Do not connect other equipment between the TV and the DVD player. If they are AM loop antenna connected via a VCR, pictures may be distorted.
  • Page 19 This DVD player has two jacks to output images in addition to the VIDEO OUT jack. To enjoy clearer DVD images, connect your TV to these jacks. " Connecting to TV with S-video cable To S-video output jack Caution: When the video and S-video cables are both connected, the images from the S-video input jack appears on your TV.
  • Page 20: System Installation

    Note: output jacks ! If the display window of the DVD player is placed on the lower side, a disc may fall or may not be ejected. ! Avoid changing the DVD player installation (vertical or horizontal) while a disc is playing.
  • Page 21 Caution: When moving the subwoofer/amplifier unit, be careful not to touch the speaker net located near bottom. Be sure to hold it by the bottom to avoid subwoofer breakage. Front speaker (right) (Red) Speaker unit Correct SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-16...
  • Page 22: Remote Control

    Check the remote control after checking all connections have been made correctly. (See pages 11 - 18.) Point the remote control directly at the remote sensor on the AV control unit. Likewise, point the remote control at the AV control unit to operate the DVD player battery termi- unit.
  • Page 23: General Control

    ! Never use a power cord other than the one supplied. Otherwise, a malfunction or an accident may occur. ! Unplug the DVD player and the subwoofer/amplifier unit if they will not be used for a prolonged period of time.
  • Page 24: Changing The Initial Setting Of Dvd

    Turn on the TV, and switch the input to the "VIDEO 1" or "VIDEO 2" etc. accord- ingly. A new setting will be retained even if the DVD player is set to the stand-by mode. If you want to restore or change the setting, reset it.
  • Page 25 Please enter a 4-digital Password setting or change password. "4737" cannot be set as a password. When you forget your password, cancel the current password by pressing "4737" using the direct number buttons (0 - 9). SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH Description E-20...
  • Page 26: Disc Language

    Changing the initial setting of DVD (continued) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH " Disc language Indicator AUDIO A language for audio can be set. You can specify a language for conversation and narration. English SUBTITLE A language for subtitle can be set.
  • Page 27: Video Format

    ! When playing a 4:3 image disc, the image size depends on the setting of the connected TV. ! If you play back a wide image (16:9) disc with the DVD player connected to a 4:3 TV, the vertically shrunk image is displayed.
  • Page 28: Language Code List For Disc Language

    Language code list for disc language SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH Code Language name 4747 Afar 4748 Abkhazian 4752 Afrikaans 4759 Ameharic 4764 Arabic 4765 Assamese 4771 Aymara 4772 Azerbaijani 4847 Bashkir 4851 Byelorussian 4853 Bulgarian 4854 Bihari 4855 Bislama 4860 Bengali;...
  • Page 29: Setting The Clock

    Press the TIMER button on the remote control. The time display will appear for about 5 seconds. Caution: Unplugging the DVD player and the subwoofer/amplifier unit or power failure will clear the clock setting. Readjust the clock. To readjust the clock: Perform "Setting the clock"...
  • Page 30: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the radio SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH [Front] E-25 Press the ON/STAND-BY button to turn the power on. Press the FUNCTION button to display FM or AM, and then the BAND button repeatedly to select the desired frequency band (FM STEREO, FM or AM).
  • Page 31: Listening To The Memorized Station

    Press buttons within 5 seconds. " To erase all the contents of the preset memory 1 Hold the CLEAR button down for 3 seconds or more. 2 While "CLEAR" is displayed, press the ENT button. [Back] SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-26...
  • Page 32: Playing A Disc

    (An 3" (8 cm) disc cannot be played.) ! Place the disc on the disc tray, label side up. ! If the display window of the DVD player is placed on the lower side, a disc may fall or may not be ejected.
  • Page 33: Playing A Disc

    ! Close the disc tray when it is not in use. Otherwise, dust may accumulate inside and cause malfunction to the DVD player. ! The DVD player is slightly heated when used for a long time. It does not mean the DVD player is damaged.
  • Page 34: Basic Operation

    ! The same operation can be performed by holding down the the DVD player for 2 seconds or more. button on the button. button is pressed...
  • Page 35: To Start Playback From The Desired Point (Direct Play)

    TOTAL 2:16:13 1/16 (about 1/16 times) The same operation can be performed by holding down the DVD player for 2 seconds or more. Press the DVD/CD button to return to the normal playback. Note: On some discs, the slow-motion playback functions are disabled.
  • Page 36: Useful Features

    Useful features SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH " To play in random order (random play) The system selects the order of playback. While stopped, press the MODE button twice. Press the DVD/CD button. To cancel random play: Press the DVD/CD button. Notes: ! You may not be able to use this function with some discs.
  • Page 37: To Play Repeatedly (Repeat Play)

    ! If the disc you are using does not have a title menu, nothing appears on the screen. [A - ] [A - B] Example 1 Drama Action 3 SF Comedy button to select the title, and then press the EN- SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-32...
  • Page 38: Mp3 Disc Operation

    MP3 disc operation SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH [Front] " MP3 disc playback You can play back CD-R/RW recorded in the MP3 format. Load a disc containing MP3 tracks. A menu screen appears. VOLUME LABEL FIRST PLAY +ALBUM01 +ALBUM02 +ALBUM03 +ALBUM04 SELECT:...
  • Page 39: Various Settings

    ! The angle number is not displayed if the disc on which angle not recorded is entered. ! Refer to the manual of the disc as the operation may vary depending on the disc. 1. ENG (DTS 5.1 Surround) button repeatedly to select L-CH R-CH button. button repeatedly to select SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-34...
  • Page 40: To Brighten An Image (Black Level Setting)

    Various settings (continued) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH " To brighten an image (black level set- ting) The image can be adjusted during playback. While a disc is playing, press the BLACK LEVEL button. Within 5 seconds, press the BLACK LEVEL button repeatedly to select "ON"...
  • Page 41: To Change The Display On Tv Screen

    Total number of tracks Current track number Stop Play elapsed Pause button, the Slow Fast Forward Fast Reverse Example 1.Highlights 2.Start Movie button to change the setting and press the TV screen DVD player display ROADING SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-36...
  • Page 42: Enjoy The Surround Sound (Sound Mode)

    Enjoy the surround sound (sound mode) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH The spatial sound effect is activated when you play a DVD recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS. You can also enjoy 2-channel stereo sound in Dolby Pro Logic II. Digital tuner, etc.
  • Page 43 ! The surround indicator is lit according to the input audio source. 1 Front Left Signal Indicator 2 Center Signal Indicator 3 Front Right Signal Indicator 4 LFE indicator 5 Surround Left Signal Indicator 6 Surround Monaural Signal Indicator 7 Surround Right Signal Indicator SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-38...
  • Page 44 Enjoy the surround sound (sound mode) (continued) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH [Front] E-39 " Changing the sound mode To enjoy in standard mode: While the disc is playing, press the STANDARD but- ton. "STANDARD" will appear. To enjoy with dynamic sound: Press the DYNAMIC SOUND button.
  • Page 45: Changing The Registration In The Remote Control

    Changing the registration in the remote control Sharp's TVs can be operated with the remote control of this system without register- ing the operation (except for some models). (See page 47.) You can also operate TVs of other manufacturers by changing the registration in the remote control.
  • Page 46: Speaker Settings

    Speaker settings SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH The speaker settings are not displayed on the TV screen. [Back] " Speaker size setting You can change the sizes of the speakers if they are not supplied ones. Press the SETUP AMP button, and the SIZE".
  • Page 47: Test Tone

    - 6 dB - + 6 dB 1 - 29 ft - 6 dB - + 6 dB 1 - 29 ft - 6 dB - + 6 dB 1 - 29 ft - 10 dB - + 10 dB SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-42...
  • Page 48: Timer And Sleep Operation

    Timer and sleep operation SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH The system turns on and plays the desired source (DVD, CD, MP3 disc, tuner) at the preset time. [Front] " Setting the timer Before setting timer: 1 Set the AV control unit on time (page 24).
  • Page 49 ! When setting the timer playback using the digital tuner, TV, VCR, or the connected equipment should be set to timer playback at the same time. Note: The timer operation is disabled with discs containing menus. SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-44...
  • Page 50: Setting The Sleep Timer

    Timer and sleep operation (continued) SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH " Setting the sleep timer You can set the system to the power stand-by mode at the specified time. While the disc is playing, press the TIMER but- ton. Within 10 seconds, press the select "SLEEP SET", and press the ENTER...
  • Page 51: Audio Connection Of Other Equipment

    PCM. Refer to the operation manual of the digital tuner. To audio input jacks Audio cable Digital tuner, etc. (commercially available) To audio output jacks To optical digital audio output jack Digital equipment such as an MD player SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-46...
  • Page 52: Operating The Connected Tv

    ENGLISH The connected TV can be operated with the remote control of this system. The fac- tory setting allows you to operate Sharp's TVs and VCRs with it. To operate those of other manufacturers, change the contents registered in the remote control.
  • Page 53: Error Indicators And Warnings

    Condensation can cause the system to malfunction. If this happens, leave the power on with no disc in the DVD player until normal playback is possible (about 1 hour). Wipe off any condensation on the transmitter with a soft cloth before operating the system.
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting Chart

    Many potential problems can be resolved by the owner without calling a service tech- nician. If something is wrong with this product, check the following before calling your autho- rized SHARP dealer or service center. " General Symptom ! Is the volume level set to "0"? No sound is heard.
  • Page 55: Dvd Player

    P. 5 " Before transporting the system P. 11 - 15 1 Press the ON/STAND-BY button of the DVD player to turn the power on. 2 Open the disc tray and remove the disc. P. 5 3 Close the disc tray and enter the system to stand-by mode.
  • Page 56: Maintenance

    The appearance of optional accessories may differ from the illustrations above. E-51 Specifications As part of our policy of continuous improvement, SHARP reserves the right to make design and specification changes for product improvement without prior notice. The performance specification figures indicated are nominal values of production units.
  • Page 57 Full range speaker system (Magnetic shield) 3-1/8" (8 cm) speaker Maximum input power 100 W Rated input power 50 W Impedance 4 ohms Dimensions Width: 3-3/4" (95 mm) Height: 4-1/2" (114 mm) Depth: 4-1/8" (104 mm) Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)/each SD-AT50 DX-AT50 ENGLISH E-52...
  • Page 58 In no event shall Sharp be liable, or in any way responsible, for any damages or defects in the Product which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than an authorized servicer. Nor shall Sharp be liable or in any way responsible for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage.

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