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Craftsman 113.299131 Owner's Manual

12-inch motorized fl oor saw
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Co., Chicago,
III. 60684
Part No. 62465
Printed in U.S.A.



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 113.299131

  • Page 1 Sears owners manual MODEL NO. 113.299131 CAUTION: Read SAFETY RULES INSTRUCTIONS carefully Sears, Roebuck Co., Chicago, Part No. 62465 CRRFTSMRII 12-INCH MO TORIZED FL OOR SAW assembly operating repair parts III. 60684 U.S.A. Simpsons-Sears Limited, Toronto Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2 Safety Mask for use over spectacles, or standard safety goggles ... available at Sears retail or catalog stores. THIS SAFETY SEAL OF THE POWER TOOL INSTITUTE ASSURES YOU... 1. That the manufacturer's assoc;ated w;th ,Standards...
  • Page 3 1. The saw should be bolted down if there is any tendency to tip over or move during normal saw table should be approximately the floor. 2. The saw work area should have adequate non-glare light and adequate surrounding work space.
  • Page 4: Tools Needed

    Do not cycle the motor switch on and off rapidly, as this may cause the saw blade to loosen. In the event this procedures should ever occur, allow the saw blade to come to a complete stop and retighten the arbor nut normally, not excessively.
  • Page 5: Unpacking And Pre-Assembly

    Nut, Hex., 5/16-18 ... Washer, Lock, 5/16" ... Support, ExtensionRod ... POWER SUPPLY MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS The AC motor used in this saw is a single voltage capacitor start capacitor run, non-reversible type, with the following specifications: Voltage Amperes ... Qty.
  • Page 6: Assembly And Adjustments

    (See figure 4.) 1. If the protector opens the line and stopsthe saw motor, press the saw switch to the "OFF" position immediately and allow the motor to cool.
  • Page 7 Figure 7 SMALL STEEL SCALE Figure 9 feners. (See figure 5.) Using parts from the correct loose parts bag, assemble the legs to the saw base with the sixteen 5/16-18x5/8 inch screws and 5/16-18 nuts. (See figure 6.) Leave these screws loose in order to facilitate mounting the stiffeners.
  • Page 8 1/4 inch Iockwasher and 1/4-20 inch hex nut. (See figure 10.) (4) Place switch box in position (either to right hand or left hand side of saw table as desired). Attach with two 1/4-20 x 2 inch slotted round...
  • Page 9 (3) With the saw blade in position described above, tighten the clamp knob to secure the tilt mech- anism. (4) Place a square on the saw table and against saw blade. (See figure 16.) The blade should be at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the table top surface.
  • Page 10 0°). (See figure 20.) This will position the saw blade clamp knob. d. Make a pencil mark on the saw tooth that is just above the table top at rear of the blade. (See figure 21.) until the pointer e.
  • Page 11 Installation of Rip Fence (1) Raise the lock handle and position the rip fence (10, figure 1) on the saw table. Do not latch the lock handle. (2) Slide the rip fence along the guide watching the clearance between fence and table top.
  • Page 12 Checking for Parallelism Table Groove. With the lock handle not latched, slide the fence on the saw table so the front edge of the channel is flush with the side of one of the two miter DOWN TO LOCK grooves.
  • Page 13 NOTE: If the fence fails to square itself every- time, check for any burr or foreign material on the surface of the fence head where it contacts the saw table. Also check for nicks or burrs in edges of saw table. Stone off any irregularities these surfaces.
  • Page 14 (c) When the fence is correctly moved to any position at the right of the saw blade, the scale will indicate the width of the desired cut. Make several trial settings and check by measuring with a scale from the fence to the blade.
  • Page 15 It should be checked and adjusted (if necessary) as follows: a. Position the saw blade in the 90 ° position (0 ° on tilt scale), by loosening the clamp knob and rotating the tilt crank counterclockwise until it will rotate no farther.
  • Page 16: Operating Controls

    The saw blade can be tilted from 0 ° to 45 °, as indi- cated on the TILT SCALE (5). If the angle of cut (tilt) must be extremely accurate, the angle of the saw blade should be checked wffh a protractor, known to be cut at the exact angle required.
  • Page 17: Maintenance

    4. If the saw is to be left standing for some time, particu- larly in damp climates, the table top surface should be service. The follow- coated with light engine oil or Sears "Stop Rust". Either material may be easily wiped off with a cloth before using the saw.
  • Page 18: Operating Procedures

    proper operating DOWN Figure 44 Figure BLOCK Figure 46 Figure 47 procedures CROSSCUTTI NG CROSSCUTTING CLAMP grain, at 90 °, or square of the wood. This is done The miter gage may be used in either of the grooves in the table.
  • Page 19: Bevel C Rosscutting

    OTHER REASON. inside the blade guard while the saw THIS COULD ENDANGER YOUR lift the guard and remove the Devices. You can make them from scraps of FENCE/PUSH...
  • Page 20 Figure 53 Figure procedures WOR K SUPPORT Use a "saw horse" ,.. ALWAYS SUPPORT 51.) WORKPIECES When "WIDTH RIGHT hand to feed the workpiece until it is clear of the table. (See figure 52.) Use LEFT hand ONLY to guide the workpiece ... do not FEED the workpiece with the left hand.
  • Page 21 EvEN W'TH, AOLE Hold workpiece against auxiliary fence hand until workpiece is about EVEN with •.. Stop Feeding. (See figure 57.) Hold workpiece FIRMLY turn AUXILIARY over ... (See figure 58.) Hold workpiece against AUXILIARY with RIGHT Hand ... guide with LEFT hand until clear of table.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    2. See "Maintenance and need of Use spreader and align with saw blade Adjust rip fence. (Refer to paragraph Adjustments") Push wood all the way past saw blade (Refer to paragraph "Proper 4. Use caution (Refer to paragraph Procedures") S. Clean out any dust and apply a drop of oil around pin...
  • Page 23 TROUBLE-SHOOTING The following table lists some of the most common troubles caused voltage, suggested remedies: PROBABLE CAUSE TROUBLE 1. Power line overloaded with Motor fails to develop full power. (Power output lights, appliances and other motors. of motor decreases rapidly with decrease in voltage 2.
  • Page 25 STD 600803 *Screw, Type 23, No.8-32 x 3/8",Pan *Standard Hardware Item - May be Purchased Locally. +Stock Item - May be secured through the hardware departments of most Sears or Simpsons-Sears Retail Stores or Catalog Order Houses. 12-INCH MOTORIZED MODEL NUMBER 113.299131...
  • Page 27 STD 551125 * Lockwasher, 1/4" *Standard Hardware Item May Be Purchased Locally. +Stock I tern - May be secured through the hardware Sears or Simpsons-Sears Retail Stores or Catalog Order 12-INCH MOTORIZED FLOOR SAW MODEL NUMBER 113.299131 Part STD 522506...
  • Page 28 Pin, 1/4 x 1-3/4" STD 551025 *Washer, 17/64 x 5/8x 62136 Spacer, Pawl Pawl 62396 *Standard Hardware Item - May be Purchased Locally. 12-INCH MOTORIZED MODEL NUMBER 113.299131 ASSEMBLY Part STD 541025 62210 26637 62399 STD 522505 62392 STD 571810 1/16" 60004...
  • Page 29: Switch Assembly

    TO REPAIR THIS MOTOR CREATE A HAZARD UNLESS REPAIR BY QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN. REPAIR SERVICE IS AVAILABLE NEAREST SEARS STORE. Figure 4 FIGURE 4 - 62459 MOTOR Description 62459 • Complete Motor Assembly 62467 Box Assembly, Control (w/Nameplate) STD 600603 *Screw, Self-Tapping, No.6-32 x 3/8",...
  • Page 30 Pan Hd. Slotted 62291 Handle, Fence Lock 62127 Head, Fence 62130 Bushing, Fence Adjusting 62131 Spring, Fence Adjusting *Standard 12-INCH MOTORIZED MODEL NUMBER 113.299131 • 62290 RIP FENCE ASSEMBLY Part 60O67 62132 62049 62048 60230 30505 62129 62050 62047 62128...
  • Page 31 Pan Hd. Slotted Indicator 37895 Block, Miter Gauge Indicator 37896 Pin, Miter Gauge Stop *Standard Hardware tStock Item -- Mav be secured Sears or Sirnpsons-Sears 12-INCH MOTORIZED MODEL NUMBER 113.299131 Figure 7 7 -62325 MITER GAUGE ASSEMBLY Part 9417295 62230...
  • Page 32 2. The PART DESCRIPTION 3. The MODEL NUMBER 4. The NAME OF ITEM - 12-INCH MOTORIZED Your Sears merchandise takes discover that Sears has over 2,000 Service Units through country. Each is staffed technicians using Sears approved parts and methods. III. 60684 U.S.A.