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Craftsman 113.2945 Owner's Manual

10-inch radial arm saw
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  • Page 1 Sears MODEL 113.29450 CAUTION: Read Safety Rules and Instructions Carefully • Assembly • Operating • Repair Parts...
  • Page 2 Vision Safety Mask for use over spectacles, or standard safety glasses.., available at Sears retail or catalog stores. THIS SAFETY SEAL OF THE POWER TOOL INSTITUTE ASSURES YOU... 1. That manufacturer's associated with the Seal, are produced...
  • Page 3 ASSEMBLING Figure UNPACKING CHECKING This Craftsman 10olnch Radial Saw is shipped complete in one carton. In order to prevent damage and facilitate packaging, certain items are removed at the factory and must be assembled when received by the pur- chaser. These "loose" items are listed below and should be...
  • Page 4 Craftsman Power Tool Bench. The base of the saw must be mounted flush to a flat surface on the work bench to prevent distortion washers which attach the wooden shipping saw base may be used to secure the saw base to the work bench, or tool bench. temperature, ALIGNMENT NOTE: The seven basic "steps"...
  • Page 5 SHAFT WRENCH SAW BLADE ARBOR AR OR COLLAR COLLAR (OUTER) (INNER) arbor nut and saw-blade collar with the arbor (See figures 3 and 4). Remove nut, outer blade and inner collar. (See figure Using the elevation crank (figure 5), raise the motor...
  • Page 6 SIDE TABLE BOTTOM T-NUT CORRECTLY INSTALLED LEVELING SCRTW TABLE T-NUT BASE LEVELING SCREW INSTALLED IN T-NUT Figure 8 3. Loosen keylocking bolts (See figure 7) and insert a 3/16- inch Hex-L wrench into the socket-head adjusts the column tube wedge key, as shown in figure 7. Rotate the set-screw slowly in (clockwise) play can be felt in radial arm.
  • Page 7 12.) Mark this tooth with crayon or chalk. 5. When the blade is moved back and forth on the radial arm, the saw tooth "A '° should just touch the square at all positions. If saw tooth "A" does not touch the square at oil points, make the following a.
  • Page 8 BLADE.E EL,.O --ti VIEW Bill To C[FT Figure c. If the saw blade moves away from the square as it comes forward, tighten the rear travel and repeat if necessary. d. If the saw blade moves toward the square as it comes forward, the front arm latch screw.
  • Page 9 STEP SEVEN- DOUBLE CHECK ADJUSTMENTS INSTALL GUARD 1. Recheck for correct adjustment on the saw by perform- ing "STEPS through SIX" consecutively. 2. If the cross-cut travel is not perfectly with "STEP FOUR" make all adjustments the "STEP FOUR"...
  • Page 10 1. Insert the key into the slot and turn counterclockwise. (See figure 24.) 2. Hook end of forefinger under the left end of the ON-OFF switch lever and pull the lever out, to start the saw motor. (See figure 24.) To stop...
  • Page 11 Even though the finest materials and precision workman- ship have been used to minimize wear, after long use it is reasonable to expect some wear. Adjustments have been built into the Craftsman saw to reduce or eliminate this wear. REMOVING RADIAL 1.
  • Page 12 GREEN ORANGE LIGHT Figure 29 This Craftsman saw is a fine machine and should be given the best of care. If kept clean and properly will give many years of trouble-free service. Before describ- ing the various points which may periodically cation, IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO FIRST MENTION THE VARIOUS SPOTS WHICH SHOULD NOT BE LUBRICATED.
  • Page 13 1. Loosen the carriage lock knob (4, figure 23) and move the carriage to position the saw just forward fence (See figure 22.) 2. Lower the radial arm until the saw blade just clears the table top. 3. Tighten the carriage lock knob (4, figure 23.)
  • Page 14 When two cuts from opposite edges are required, they should overlap 1/2-inch from the approximate first cut is too deep, the kerf will close and bind the saw assembly. on the second cut, with some danger of "kickback". Never when the kerf closes, the two sides of the cut are no longer running.
  • Page 15 USE OF THE DADO The dado saw (or head) is a special set of blades for cutting grooves and dados. The Craftsman 8-inch Kromedge Dado Set may be purchased at any Sears Retail Store or Catalog Order House. The complete...
  • Page 16 39.) Be sure to install the brake assembly when boring operations have been completed. SANDING Using the sanding disc, mounted on motor shaft, the saw may be converted into a sander that will operate in any position. (See figure 40.) SAW KERF IN...
  • Page 17 Position used for maximum "out-rip" figure 43). 7. Keep all cutting tools, such as saw blades, drills, mold- ing cutters, dados, etc., sharp, and do not "force feed" work enough to drastically reduce motor speed. 8. When using planer, molding, or dado blades, repeated light cuts will produce best results.
  • Page 18 Refer to "STEP FOUR -- SQUARING THE CROSS-CUT TRAVEL." Make sure the radial arm is locked and indexed properly in the 0° position. Refer to "STEP FIVE -- SQUARING THE SAW BLADE TO THE TABLE TOP." not adjusted. Refer to paragraph...
  • Page 19 TROUBLE TROUBLE PROBABLE CAUSE Motor will not run. Protector open; circuit broken. Low voltage. Motor will not run and Short circuit in line cord or fuses "BLOW." plug. Short circuit in motor terminal box or loose connections. Motor fails to develop Power full power.
  • Page 20 Lock 30505 Type 63036 118647 R.H. Lock 63258 63334 Type 63183 None 63276 Department of most Sears or Simpsons-Sears Retail or Catalog MODEL 113.29450 be ordered through serves the territory in which live. shipped prepaid within the limits INFORMATION AS SHOWN...
  • Page 22 37387 63351 9415813 63353 63467 x .136x .070 115543 Locally. Hardware Department of most Sears or Simpsons-SearsRetail Description *Screw, 3/8-16 x 1, Hex. Socket Hd. Cap *Wrench, Hex-L, 5/16 *Washer, Plain, .440 x 11/16 x 1/32 Spring, Swivel Latch Disc Color...
  • Page 23 65000 37818 63352 63065 63067 60089 Locally. not listed are required, motor should Sears electric motor shop 113.29450 Description Lead, Black No. t6 x 4" Long Protector, Thermal Shoe, Brake *Screw, Mach., Hex. Hd. 1/4-20 x 7/16 Housing, Brake Spring,...
  • Page 24 Lock, 5/16x 63340 Bracket Assembly, 60012 Nut, Lock 60041 *Washer, Plain, .198 x 9/16 * Standard Hardware Item be Purchased RADIAL SAW, MODEL ,!oJ Figure 4 FIGURE PARTS LIST Part 63271 63341 63342 60243 Pan Hd. 63345 111137 9414920 x 1/2,...
  • Page 25 Support, R.H. 115109 *Washer, Lock, 1/4 x .109 x .062 115120 *Nut, Hex., 1/4-20 * Standard Hardware Item be Purchased RADtAL SAW, MODI_L FIGURE 5 PARTS LIST Part 37384 63059 63041 1/4-20 x 1/2, 60035 x 1-1/4, 60034 x 5/8 x 1/32,...
  • Page 26 Assembly, Lift 63328 Disc Color t Purchase as part of Pan' No. 63183, Cap Assembly, Radial Arm. uring the, Saw free _rial This guar__ saw to any Sears store throughout RADIAL SAW, MODEL 11..._ _:_ Figure 6 poir ay urCraftsman Radial or workmanship.
  • Page 27 ALWAYS return the carriage position after each crosscut type operation. 1. The saw should be bolted down if there is any tendency to tip over or move during normal saw table should be approximately the floor.
  • Page 28 10-INCH RADIAL ARM SAW. All parts listed herein may be ordered through SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. or SIMPSONS-SEARS by mail, selling prices will be furnished on request or parts will be shipped at prevailing prices and you will be billed accordingly.

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