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Operational Cautions; Antenna Safety; General Control Station Care - Motorola Telario TS3000 Installation Manual

Integrated cordless telephone and two-way radio system
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Telario TS3000 Control Station Installation Manual

Operational Cautions

Damaged Antennas

Antenna Safety

General Control Station
November, 1999
ders; and any other area where you would normally be advised
to turn off your vehicle engine. Areas with potentially explosive
atmospheres are often but not always posted.
Do not use any handset or Control Station that has a damaged antenna. If a
damaged antenna comes into contact with your skin, a minor burn can result.
All batteries can cause property damage and/or bodily injury such as burns if
a conductive material touch exposed terminals. The conductive material may
complete an electrical circuit (short circuit) and become quite hot.
Death can result if the antenna comes near or in contact with
electric power lines.
DO NOT allow the antenna to touch exposed parts of the body, especially the
face or eyes, while the Control Stations is powered on.
DO NOT operate the Control Station with a damaged antenna or antenna
board. Replace a damaged antenna or board immediately or contact your
Motorola dealer or the Motorola Service Repair Center.
Unauthorized antennas, modifications, or attachments could damage the Con-
trol Station and may violate UTAM regulations. Use only the Motorola
approved antenna or antenna board.
Your Control Station is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It
meets both UL and FCC requirements.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the Con-
trol Station to rain or moisture.
Careful attention is devoted to quality standards in the manufacture of your
Control Station, and safety is a major factor in its design. However, safety is
also your responsibility.
This section lists important information that will help you properly use and
enjoy your Control Station. Read all the included safety and operating
instructions before using your Control Station.
Cleaning – Use only a damp cloth for cleaning. Do Not use liquid or aerosol
Attachments – Do not use attachments/accessories not recommended by
Motorola, as they might create a hazard.
Water and Moisture – Do not use this product near water (for example - near
a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub; in a wet basement; or near
a swimming pool).
Power Sources – Operate the Control Station using only the power source
indicated on its marking label. If you are not sure of your power type, consult
your authorized Motorola dealer. Important: The power source for the Con-
trol Station must provide a continuous source of power for this equipment.



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