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Installation Preparation And Programming; Control Station Installation - Motorola Telario TS3000 Installation Manual

Integrated cordless telephone and two-way radio system
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Telario TS3000 Control Station Installation Manual
Installation Preparation
and Programming
Required Tools
Other Materials You Might
Need at the Site
Control Station
Remote Mount Antenna
November, 1999
Laptop PC with a Pentium processor, 64 megabytes of RAM, an RS232 port
and a CD-ROM.
Telario Management Tool Kit, kit number H5183, includes the CD, a Get-
ting Started Manual, and programming cables (kit numbers HKN9023 and
A line tester with a DTMF pad and earpiece, to verify that all telephone
lines are functional, is recommended.
Punchout tool – Motorola part no. 66-80333A39
Velcro straps
Tie wraps
Ladder or lift
Telescopic tripod
Beam clamps
Molly bolts
Category 5 crimping tool
Category 5 continuity tester
Phone connector kit
Power connector kit
Wrenches & screwdrivers
The final step to installation preparation is programming the customer's
equipment with the Telario Management Tool (TMT). Refer to the TMT help
windows for assistance.
Ideal mounting choices are the bottom of a horizontal I beam, or on the ceiling
with the standard trunnion. The trunnion allows at least 10 degrees of rotation
in one plane. For optimal coverage of the facility, the Control Station should be
installed horizontally.
If you must mount the Control Station in a vertical orientation, coverage could
be restricted significantly. For these cases, we suggest using the Motorola
Remote Mount Antenna. The Remote Mount Antenna connects to the rear of
the Control Station, extending the space diversity antenna system up to four
feet, thus allowing for more flexible mounting options, while maintaining sys-
tem integrity.



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