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Site System Test; Train The Users Of The Telario System - Motorola Telario TS3000 Installation Manual

Integrated cordless telephone and two-way radio system
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Telario TS3000 Control Station Installation Manual
Telephone Hybrid Adjustment

Site System Test

Train the Users of the
Telario System
November, 1999
primary AC power is restored during the battery backup period, the Con-
trol Station will remain functional. If power is still out when the battery
backup is discharged, the Control Station will be functional when primary
AC power is restored provided that primary power was not lost for more
than five days, and the connection to phone line 1 was maintained during
this period.
The telephone interface network in the Control Station is intended to perform
optimally with typical telephone line impedances. In some situations, varia-
tions in telephone line impedances may be encountered which are sufficient to
degrade the sidetone rejection of the interface network. "Sidetone" is the level
of your own voice heard in the Communicator's earpiece when speaking into
the microphone during a phone call.
If necessary, it is possible to adjust the hybrid balance of the network to mini-
mize the sidetone level. There is one slide switch and adjustment potentiome-
ter on the main circuit board of the Control Station, and three additional
switch/potentiometer combinations on the option board in four line models.
These are accessible simply by removing the housing cover of the Control Sta-
To enable the adjustment capability, the appropriate slide switch lever is
moved toward the corresponding adjustment potentiometer. Then, initiate a
phone call from another telephone to the Control Station. Using a Communi-
cator to answer the call, adjust the potentiometer with a small screwdriver
while speaking into the Communicator's microphone, until the level of your
own voice, as heard in the earpiece, is minimized. For four line models, this
procedure should be repeated for each of the phone lines, adjusting the appro-
priate potentiometer for each.
Once the Control Station is installed and all equipment, including handsets, is
programmed, complete a system functionality check with the customer. At a
minimum, you'll want to perform the following tests.
Verify that the Control Station powers up and the green LED is lit.
If battery backup is used, disconnect the power to the Control Station and
verify that the system continues to operate, keeping the impact of the
UTAM Mobility feature in mind.
Walk the site to test audio quality and coverage.
Test all Group Talks and Private Links.
Finally, test all telephone functionality.
Provide each user with the appropriate handset User Guide and demonstrate
the feature functionality.



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