Motorola Voiceducer MDRMN4044 Manual

Motorola Voiceducer MDRMN4044 Manual

Ear microphone system


Ear Microphone System
Sistema Microauricular en Audífono
Système de microphone auriculaire
VOICEDUCER-Modul mit Ohrhörermikrofon
Ñèñòåìà íàóøíèêà/ìèêðîôîíà
Professional Radio


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  • Page 1 ® Ear Microphone System Sistema Microauricular en Audífono Système de microphone auriculaire VOICEDUCER-Modul mit Ohrhörermikrofon Ñèñòåìà íàóøíèêà/ìèêðîôîíà MDRMN4044 MDRMN4045 Professional Radio...
  • Page 2 ABOUT YOUR VOICEDUCER EAR MICROPHONE SYSTEM The concept of speaking and hearing through the ear is not new, but its application in the VOICEDUCER two-way communications device achieves a high level of performance that creates a breakthrough in remote voice communications. The ear microphone is unobtrusive to the casual observer, making it ideal for security applications.
  • Page 3 microphone is not included with the purchase of the VOICEDUCER Ear Microphone System. The ear microphone must be ordered separately. Three ear microphones are available for use with the MDRMN4044 and MDRMN4045 VOICEDUCER Ear Microphone Systems. Refer to the OPTIONAL ACCESSORY ITEMS list on page This Interface Module is Approved for hazardous location classification Class I Division 1 Groups C and D and Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Ear Microphone Dimensions 16.4mm(W)X13.5mm(H)X26mm(L) (Earpiece) 110±5cm including connector Cable Length Standard noise level ear mic: 17g Weight High noise level ear mic: 20g Microphone Type Piezo-electric accelerometer Output sensitivity -31dB ± 5dB at 1kHz (0dB = 1 V/0.5G) Operating voltage DC 2.5 ~ 10V Receiver Type...
  • Page 5: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION VOICEDUCER Ear Microphone The VOICEDUCER two-way communications device was designed to fit the contours of the external ear canal. Although it looks like an ordinary earphone (receive only), the earpiece actually contains both a patented accelerometer microphone as well as miniature receiver component.
  • Page 6 Interface Module Connector/Cable Assembly — Allows for connection of the interface module to the radio. Ear Microphone Connector Jack — Allows for connection of the VOICEDUCER ear microphone. Transmit Indicator Light-Emitting Diode (LED) — Indicates normal transmission (continuous red) when the push-to-talk (PTT) switch is pressed or while transmitting in Voice-Activated Transmit (VOX)
  • Page 7 BASIC OPERATION OF YOUR VOICEDUCER Introduction The VOICEDUCER provides two-way communications from a small device worn in the ear. The accelerometer microphone provides a signal-to-noise ratio equal to or exceeding the best noise-canceling microphones, which enables voice clarity to be maintained under conditions of high ambient noise.
  • Page 8 2. Connect the ear microphone to the interface module and tighten by turning the outer ring clockwise. 3. Connect the interface module to your radio. For optimum performance, be sure that the interface module cable or finger PTT switch cable is routed away from the radio antenna. 4.
  • Page 9 adjusted to fit your ear prior to the start of VOICEDUCER communications, and is done as follows: • To adjust the size, first remove the outer clip from the ear holder housing. This will allow you to open the inner holder. Position the rubber tabs in the appropriate slots to achieve the desired size.
  • Page 10 Push-To-Talk Operation Your MDRMN4044 VOICEDUCER Ear Microphone System is equipped with PTT only operation. With the radio and PTT interface module in position and the ear microphone properly inserted in the ear, you are ready to begin VOICEDUCER communications. 1. Before turning your radio on, make sure the volume is turned down.
  • Page 11 VOX Operation, VOX Interface Module Only Your MDRMN4045 VOICEDUCER Ear Microphone System is equipped with PTT operation as well as Voice Operated Transmit (VOX). Before using your ear microphone system in VOX, please read the following operating procedures. VOX/PTT Mode Selector Switch Settings PTT Operation VOX Operation When attaching the VOICEDUCER VOX interface to the Professional...
  • Page 12 3. Speak in a normal voice to ensure that the VOX circuit is activated. Note: When the VOX circuit is activated, you will hear a Tx tone signal via the ear microphone and the Tx LED will light Remarks 1. The rise time of the VOX circuit is set at approximately 0.3 seconds (which is fast).
  • Page 13 Remote PTT Operation Finger PTT Switch (Motorola part number 0180358B38) Motorola provides an optional finger PTT switch which provides remote operation of the VOICEDUCER while minimizing interference with the use of the hands. 1. Connect the finger PTT plug to the jack located at the bottom of the interface module.
  • Page 14: Special Adjustments

    SPECIAL ADJUSTMENTS The VOX Sensitivity (VOX interface module) and Transmit Volume (PTT and VOX interface modules) have been preset at the factory. The associated diagrams illustrate these factory settings. Should your unit require a resetting, please refer to the following instructions: MAEPF-26910-O VOX Sensitivity, VOX Interface Module Only...
  • Page 15: Battery Replacement

    BATTERY The VOICEDUCER is powered by a single AAA (1.5 volt) alkaline battery. Because of “memory effect,” which may reduce capacity, rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries are not recommended. Proper care and timely replacement of the battery will ensure optimum capacity and provide peak performance of the VOICEDUCER.
  • Page 16: Optional Accessory Items

    VOICEDUCER inside buildings. Check the VOICEDUCER by switching radios. Should you still have difficulty, please contact your dealer or local service facility immediately. OPTIONAL ACCESSORY ITEMS Motorola Part Number Description BDN6677 Ear Microphone for std. noise levels (up to 95dB), black BDN6678 Ear Microphone for std.
  • Page 18 Kevlar es una marca registrada de Dupont, Co. Impreso en Reino Unido 10/00. Reservados todos los derechos. , Motorola, et Professional Radio sont les marques déposées de Motorola, Inc. VOICEDUCER est la marque déposée de Temco, Japon Co. Ltd. Kevlar est la marque déposée de Dupont, Co.

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