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Motorola Telario TS3000 Installation Manual page 4

Integrated cordless telephone and two-way radio system
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Telario TS3000 Control Station Installation Manual
Time of Sale, End User Contract: All Zones
As a Dealer, it is your responsibility to inform the customer about UTAM, its
rules and regulations. This requirement applies to all zones. The following
agreement must be included in your sales contract with your customer:
[Customer] hereby acknowledges that the use and operation of any intentional
radiator equipment requiring a Part 15.311 FCC label and subject to UTAM
clearing fees, the operation of which makes use of any part of the unlicensed
personal communications services ("UPCS") frequency spectrum ("UPCS
Radiating Part"), is subject to FCC rules and regulations and UTAM require-
ments and instructions including without limitation rules, regulations,
requirements and instructions with respect to interference to licensed fixed
microwave facilities and to the relocation of any such UPCS Radiating Part.
[Customer] agrees that [its] use or operation of any UPCS Radiating Part shall
comply with all such rules, regulations, requirements and instructions.
Name Of Subscriber:
State Of Incorporation:
By: ___________________________
Name: _________________________
Title: __________________________
Address: _______________________
Date: __________________
Time of Installation, Product Registration & LVP: All Zones
To monitor deployment and power levels, all equipment sales must be regis-
tered with Motorola Product Services group at the time of installation. Infor-
mation is forwarded to UTAM, per its regulations. This procedure, required
for all zones, ensures that the band remains coordinated and operational for all
authorized vendors and their customers.
The registration form requires the following information:
- Customer name
- Site address
- City, state, zip and county name
- Site coordinates (latitude and longitude)
- UTAM PFC approval number (if the location is a Zone 2 or Zone 3 site)
- Quantity of Control Stations to be installed
- Quantity of handsets to be installed
- Installation date
- Maximum height of installation
November, 1999



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