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Craftsman 143.974506 Owner's Manual

Sears lawn mower user manual
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Read and Follow
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Printed in U.S,A.



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 143.974506

  • Page 1 MODEL • AssembRy o Operation o Customer ResponsibiBnties o Service o Adjustments o Repair Parts Caution: Read and Follow all Safety Rules and Instructions Before Operating This Equipment 159054 032597 REV2 917.387830 OWNER'S ® MANUAL Printed in U.S,A.
  • Page 2: Safety Rules

    Safe Operation Practices for Walk-Behind Mowers IMPORTANT: THIS CUTTING MACHINE FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING SAFETY STANDARDS REQUIRE OPERATOR EQUIPPED WITH SUCH CONTROLS. CONTROLS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. TRAINING: • Read this operator's manual carefuUy Become familiar with the controls and know how to operate your mower properly. Learn how to quickly stop mower, •...
  • Page 3: Capacity

    LmMITED TWO YEAR WARRANTY For two years from date of purchase, when this Craftsman Lawn Mower is maintained, accordipg to the operating and maintenance instructions in the owner's manual, Sears will repair free of charge any defect in material or workmanship.
  • Page 4 Spark Plug ... Cutting Levels ... 9 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS STORAG E ..3, 11=13 TROU BLESHOOTING REPAIR PARTS ,- LAWN MOWER ... 16-17 REPAIR PARTS - ENGINE ... PARTS ORDERING/SERVICE Engine: Air Filter ... Oil Change ... 13 Oil Level ...
  • Page 5 These accessories were available when this lawn mower was produced° They are also available at most Sears retail outlets and service centers, Most Sears stores can also order repair parts for you, when you provide the model number of your lawn mower°...
  • Page 6 LOWER HANDLE FIG. t TO INSTALL (See Fig. 2) Your' lawn mower was shipped ready to be used as a mulcher, To convert to bagging or discharging: Open rear door' and remove mulcher mulcher plug in a safe place, You can now install catcher or optional clipping deflec- °...
  • Page 7 AUTION: Do not run your lawn mower to operate the lawn mower with the rear door removed or propped open, TUBULAR FRAME SEWN...
  • Page 8: Operator Presence Control Bar

    HANDLE KNOB GRASS CATCHER MULCHER PLUG Sears rotary walk-behind power lawn mowers conform to the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute and the U,S Consumer Product Safety Commission, OPERATOR PRESENCE CONTROL BAR _must be held down to the handle to start the engine engine.
  • Page 9: Type

    Always wear safety glasses or eye shields while operating your lawn mower or pedorming The operation of any lawn mower can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can mask over the spectacles or standard safety glasses°...
  • Page 10: Starting

    ° For extremely heavy cutting, reduce the width of cut and raise the rear of the lawn mower' housing one (1) wheel adjuster- setting higher than the front for better discharge of grass. •...
  • Page 11: Lawn Mower

    GENERAL R ECO[',fliVlEN DATION S The warranty on this lawn mower does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. receive full value from the warranty, operator must maintain mower as instructed in this manual.
  • Page 12: Replacement

    Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with spark plug. • Turn lawn mower on its side° Make sure air filter and carburetor are up_ • Use a wood block between blade and mower housing to prevent blade from turning when removing blade bolt.
  • Page 13: Air Filter

    ° Remove engine oil cap; lay aside on a clean surface° ° Tip lawn mower on its side and drain oil into a suitable container, Rock iawn mower back and forth to remove any oil trapped inside of engine., •...
  • Page 14: Cutting Height

    The rear deflector, attached between the rear wheels of your lawn mower, is provided to minimize the possibility that objects will be thrown out the rear of the lawn mower into the operator's mowing position. If the rear deflector becomes damaged, it should be re- placed.
  • Page 15: Storage

    30 days or more_ LAWN MOWER When lawn mower is to be stored fora period of time, clean it thoroughly, remove all dirt, grease, leaves, etc. Store in a clean, dry area.
  • Page 16 €_ i'.. T,=. €_ €_...
  • Page 17 ¢0 m"o "rma'r_j__'r'rNmm_ l.IJ __o___b_,_ __O_O __O__ < I,I,, < === =N C) ._ or" ,j "T" <0 03 _,.., X,r- "- r'F- _,rn "_' 0 OJ _ 'r- _,,..(D -- _ a_ _- "ID"_D __0_0_0 > < ___,_...
  • Page 18 CRAFTSMAN 4=CYCLE ENGnNE MODEL N UMBER 143.974506 (_--370K...
  • Page 19 Incl. Part #'s 26756 (1),28833 (I), 36832 (1), 34338 (1), 35261 (t), 36783 (1), 36786 (1), 36787 (1) NOTE: All component dimensions given in U,S., inches 1 inch = 254 mm MODEL N UMBER 143.974506 DESCRIPTION * Carburetor To Intake Pipe Gasket Intake Pipe Governor Link Screw, I/4-20 x 3/8"...
  • Page 20 CRAFTSMAN &CYCLE ENGINE KEY PART NO. NO. 632747 631615 631767 631184 631t83 632504 650506 631807 631867 631024 632019 631028 631021 631022 36045 632735 632547 632736 27110 631027 REF PART NO. NO. 590694 590599A 590600 590696 590601 590697 590698 590699 590700 590695 590535 590701...
  • Page 21 Depress control bar to upper handle before pulling starter rope. Contact an authorized service center/department Replace biade adapter Move lawn mower to cut grass or to hard surface to start engine Raise cutting height Replace blade Clean grass catcher...
  • Page 22 The model number for your engine will be found on the btower housing of the engine. All parts listed herein may be ordered from any Sears, Roebuck and Co_ Service Center/Department Retail Stores=...

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