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Sanyo ICR-B50 Instruction Manual page 14

Sanyo digital voice recorder instruction manual model number : icr-b50
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Auto pause
When the end of the file is reached during playback, "AUTO" and "PAUSE"
appear in turn. The unit pauses automatically for the preset auto pause
time. After the set time elapses, the next file playback begins.
Press the a button during auto pause to return to the normal pause mode.
File skip
Press the c or d button to skip to the desired file.
In case the auto pause is set, if the c button is pressed during playback,
the unit enters the auto pause mode at the end of the file. Press the c
button again to play back the next file.
File search
If the c or d button is pressed during playback, the unit will search at
high speed in the forward or reverse direction while the button is being
pressed. When the button is released, normal playback will continue.
Index search
If an index mark was made in the file, press the CUE INDEX button during
playback. The unit will search for the next index point and playback starts
from this point.
1. Press the REPEAT button during playback.
" appears.
The unit plays back repeatedly the last 5 seconds
of recorded content in the selected file. (If the re-
corded times are shorter than 5 seconds, repeat
playback starts from the beginning of the current
2. Press the REPEAT button again to return to normal playback.
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