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Sanyo ICR-B35 Instruction Manual

Sanyo digital voice recorder instruction manual icr-b35
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Digital Voice Recorder
Call the toll-free number below if you have any
difficulties operating this product.
1-877-999-1840 (Weekdays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Pacific time)
Llame gratis al número indicado a continuación
si tiene dificultades al utilizar este producto.
1-877-999-1840 (Días laborables de 8:00 AM
a 5:00 PM hora del Pacífico)
Issue Number 2, Printed in China



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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo ICR-B35

  • Page 1 Call the toll-free number below if you have any difficulties operating this product. 1-877-999-1840 (Weekdays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific time) LlNEA DE CONSULTA SANYO Llame gratis al número indicado a continuación si tiene dificultades al utilizar este producto. 1-877-999-1840 (Días laborables de 8:00 AM a 5:00 PM hora del Pacífico)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Precautions

    PRECAUTIONS • If the line of rectangles in the battery indica- tor ( ) disappear during recording, stop the recording immediately and replace the batteries. • Do not disconnect the AC adaptor or remove the batteries while operating the unit. •...
  • Page 4: Controls

    CONTROLS 1 2 3 17 18...
  • Page 5: Power Supply

    1. Earphone jack (EAR) 2. External microphone jack (MIC) 3. Built-in microphone (MIC) 4. Record button (m)/Pause 5. Repeat button (REPEAT) 6. Stop button (n)/On, Off select button 7. Play button (a)/Pause 8. Cue index button (CUE INDEX) 9. Fast forward/Fast backward buttons (d, c) 10.
  • Page 6 AC adaptor Connect the AC adaptor (SANYO Model No. 3CV- 120US, not supplied) to the EXT DC 3V jack. (The batteries are automatically disconnected.) •...
  • Page 7: Before Operation

    BEFORE OPERATION Earphone Connect an earphone (8 ohms, cord length less than 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches), not supplied) to the EAR jack. (The speaker is automatically dis- connected.) Note: Be sure to reduce the volume before con- necting or disconnecting the earphone. External microphone Connect an external microphone (not supplied) to the MIC jack.
  • Page 8 Set the HOLD switch to ON. “HOLD ON” appears briefly on the display. For normal use, set the switch to OFF. “HOLD OFF” appears briefly on the display. Adjusting the date and time 1. Press the MENU button re- peatedly until the date and time display appears.
  • Page 9: Selecting The Menu Mode

    SELECTING THE MENU MODE 1. Press the MENU button re- peatedly to select the desired menu mode. Each time the button is pressed, the display changes as follows: FOLDE (Folder) v EDIT v AUTO PAUSE v Date and time v VAS v REC v BEEP v ERASE GUARD v 12/24 v Original display returns 2.
  • Page 10 EDIT: Selecting edit mode OVER WRITE wv INSER (Insert) OVER WRITE: Overwrite recording INSER: Insertion recording (“INSERT” ap- pears on the display.) AUTO PAUSE: Selecting auto pause time mode PAUSE 03SEC wv PAUSE 04SEC w ... v PAUSE 10SEC wv PAUSE OFF wv PAUSE 01SEC wv PAUSE 02SEC wv Note: The initial setting of the auto pause function is ON (3 seconds).
  • Page 11 REC: Selecting recording time mode REC STAND (Standard) wv REC LONG REC STAND: For better sound quality (The unit can record for up to approx. 33 minutes.) REC LONG: For longer recording (The unit can record for up to approx. 197 minutes.) BEEP: Selecting beep mode BEEP ON wv BEEP OFF BEEP ON: Every time the operation buttons...
  • Page 12: Recording

    RECORDING 1. Press the n button to turn the power on. 2. Set the REC MODE switch (back of the unit) to select the desired recording mode. DIC (Dictating): “ CONF (Conference): “ LECT (Lecture): “ Note: If an external microphone (not supplied) is connected, the recording mode cannot be changed.
  • Page 13 Note: • The unit can record up to file number 99 for each folder (except ALARM folder). • When the recording time is full, “MEMOR FULL” appears briefly. In this case, erase the unnecessary file. • If the CUE INDEX button is pressed during recording, an index mark is made (INDEX number appears briefly) and...
  • Page 14 EDIT THE RECORDED DATA Overwrite recording To overwrite recorded material (Previous recorded material will be erased.) 1. Select the “OVER WRITE” edit mode. (See “SELECTING THE MENU MODE”.) 2. Locate the desired point during playback, then press the a button to pause. •...
  • Page 15: Playback

    PLAYBACK 1. If you recorded the sound with the REC LONG mode (See “SELECTING THE MENU MODE”), you can change the playback speed while playing. Set the PLAY SPEED switch (back of the unit) to SLOW, STD, or FAST. SLOW: Slow-speed playback STD: Standard-speed playback FAST: Fast-speed playback If you recorded the sound with the REC...
  • Page 16 Auto pause When the end of the file is reached during play- back, “AUTO” and “PAUSE” appear in turn. The unit pauses automatically for the preset auto pause time. After the set time elapses, the next file playback begins. Press the a button during auto pause to return to the normal pause mode.
  • Page 17 Repeat 1. Press the REPEAT button during playback. “ The unit plays back repeatedly the last 5 sec- onds of recorded content in the selected file. (If the recorded times are shorter than 5 sec- onds, repeat playback starts from the begin- ning of the current file.) 2.
  • Page 18: Erasing

    To secure the unit In case the unit is used by unauthorised persons, you can set the security mode. To switch security mode on/off during power off, press the TIME/SET and MENU buttons simulta- neously. The buttons must be pressed for 4 sec- onds long.
  • Page 19 Erasing one folder memory 1. Press the ERASE button twice. The folder name, file numbers and “ERASE” blink. 2. While the display is blinking, press the TIME/ SET button. “ERASE” appears briefly. All memories in the selected folder are erased. Erasing all memories 1.
  • Page 20 Notes: • The ERASE button will not function during re- cording and playback. • Erase all function can only be operated if in the actual selected folder there is at least one file. Erasing guard Erasing guard functions to prevent accidental erasure.
  • Page 21: Voice Alarm Timer

    VOICE ALARM TIMER 1. Press the n button to turn the power on. 2. Select the sub-menu “ALARM” of “FOLDE”. (See “SELECTING THE MENU MODE”.) “FOLDE ALARM” appears. 3. Press the n button to return to the original display mode. 4.
  • Page 22: Cleaning The Cabinet

    During playback mode: The operation is the same as “At stop mode” as above. And, it goes back to the previous point and pauses. During recording mode: Beep 1 time (Recording will not be interrupted.) At power off mode: • Beep 1 time &...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE SYMPTOM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACCTION The unit does not operate. The batteries are discharged or not installed. Insert two new “AAA” batteries. “ ” appears. The batteries are discharged. Insert two new “AAA” batteries. “HOLD” appears when the operation button is pressed. Hold function is set.
  • Page 24: Fcc Information

    CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Sanyo may void the user's authority to oper- ate this equipment. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Approx. 1.8" (W) x 3.7" (H) x 0.6" (D) Weight Approx. 2 oz (without batteries) IMPORTANT INFORMATION Because its products are subject to continuous improvement, SANYO reserves the rights to modify product designs and specifications with- out notice and without incurring any obligation. -24-...
  • Page 26: Warranty (For Usa)

    SANYO SERVICE PLUS LIMITTED DICTATION PRODUCTS ONLY In order to obtain factory warranty service for Sanyo Dictation Products, call the toll-free number below. The unit must be packed in the original carton or a well-padded sturdy carton in order to avoid shipping damage.
  • Page 27 Subject to the OBLIGATIONS above and EXCLU- SIONS below, SANYO FISHER COMPANY (SFC) warrants this SANYO Dictation product against defects in materials and workmanship for the pe- riods of LABOR and PARTS specified below. SFC will, at its option, within two business days after its receipt of any dictation product that fails to conform to this warranty at SFC’s designated fa-...
  • Page 28 The foregoing is in lieu of all other expressed warranties and SFC does not assume or author- ize any party to assume for it any other obligation or liability. THE DURATION OF ANY WARRANTIES WHICH MAY BE IMPLIED BY LAW (INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS) IS LIMITED TO THE TERM OF THIS WARRANTY.
  • Page 29 For your protection in the event of theft or loss of this product, please fill in the information below for your own personal records. Model No. (Located on back or bottom side of unit) Date of Purchase Purchase Price Where Purchased Serial No.
  • Page 30: Warranty (For Canada)

    SANYO CANADA INC.’S RESPONSIBILITY During the warranty period, SANYO Canada Inc. will repair, or at our option, replace a Sanyo Dicta Recorder product which shows evidence of a manufacturing defect in materials or workman- ship.
  • Page 31 WARRANTY BECOMES VOID This warranty becomes void if the product’s se- rial numbers are altered or removed or if any re- pair to the product is made other than by SANYO Canada Inc. or by an authorized Sanyo Service Depot.
  • Page 32 HOW TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE Please contact the Sanyo Authorized Dealer from whom the product was purchased, or contact us directly at: SANYO Canada Inc.