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Removing The Unit - Sanyo ECD-T1550 Owner's Manual

Digital cd player
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L Key
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4. Mount the sleeve by inserting the sleeve
into the opening of the dashboard and
bend open the tabs located around the
sleeve with a screwdriver. Not all tabs
will be able to make contact, so
examine which ones will be most
effective. Bend open the appropriate
tabs behind the dashboard to secure
the sleeve in place.
5. Reconnect the wire harness and the
antenna and be careful not to pinch
any wires or cables.
6. Slide the unit into the sleeve until it
locks into place.
7. To further secure the unit, use the
supplied metal strap to secure the back
of the unit in place. Use the supplied
hardware (Hex Nut (M5mm) and Spring
Washer) to attach one end of the strap
to the mounting bolt on the back of
the unit. If necessary, bend the metal
strap to fit your vehicle's mounting
area. Then use the supplied hardware
(Tapping Screw (5x25mm) and Plain
Washer) to attach the other end of
metal strap to a solid metal part of the
vehicle under the dashboard. This strap
also helps ensure proper electrical
grounding of the unit.
Metal Strap
Mounting Bolt
8. Reconnect the cable to the vehicle
battery's negative (-) terminal.

Removing the unit

1. Make sure the ignition is turned off,
then disconnect the cable from the
vehicle battery's negative (-) terminal.
2. Remove the metal strap attached the
back of the unit (if attached).
3. Insert the release frame key into the
groove at the right side of the frame,
then prize out to remove the frame.
(You can also use the key to remove
the frame from the left side.)
4. After releasing the frame, insert the
release unit keys supplied with the
accessory into the grooves at both
sides of the unit as shown in figure
until they click. Pulling the keys makes
it possible to remove the unit from the
Spring Washer
Hex Nut
Plain Washer
Tapping Screw



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