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Adjusting The General Settings - LG FB44 User Manual

Dvd micro hi-fi system
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Adjusting the general settings

1 Display setup menu
2 Select a desired option on the first level
3 Move to the second level
4 Select a desired option on the second level
5 Move to the third level
6 Change the setting
Adjusting the general settings - more you can do
Adjusting the language settings
OSD (Menu Language) – Select a language for the Setup menu and on-
screen display.
Disc Audio/ Disc Subtitle/ Disc Menu – Select a language for the Disc Audio/
Refers to the original language in which the disc was
To select another language, press number buttons then
ENTER to enter the corresponding 4-digit number
according to the language code list in the reference
chapter (Page 17). If you make a mistake before pressing
Turn off Subtitle.
(for Disc Subtitle)
Adjusting the display settings
TV Aspect – Select which screen aspect to use based on the shape of your TV
Select when a standard 4:3 TV is connected.
Select when a 16:9 wide TV is connected.
Display Mode – If you selected 4:3, you'll need to define how you would like
wide screen programs and films to be displayed on your TV
1:11 PM
Page 8
U U u u
i i
U U u u
i i
U U u u , ENTER
Disc Subtitle/ Disc Menu.
This displays a wide screen picture with black bands at
the top and bottom of the screen.
This fills the entire 4:3 screen, cropping the picture as
Adjusting the audio settings
DRC (Dynamic Range Control) – Make the sound clear when the volume is
turned down (Dolby Digital only). Set to [On] for this effect.
Vocal – Select [On] to mix karaoke channels into normal stereo.
This function is effective for multi-channel karaoke DVDs only.
HD AV Sync - Sometimes Digital TV encounters a delay between picture and
sound. If this happens you can compensate by setting a delay on the sound so
that it effectively 'waits' for the picture to arrive: this is called HD AV Sync. Use
U U u u
(on the remote control) to scroll up and down through the delay amount,
which you can set at anything between 0 and 300m sec.
Adjusting the lock settings
To access the lock options, you must enter the 4-digit password. If you have
not yet entered a password you are prompted to do so.
1 Enter a 4-digit password then press ENTER.
2 Enter it again then press ENTER to verify. If you make a mistake while
entering number, press CLEAR then correct it.
Area Code – Select a code for a geographic area as the playback rating level.
This determines which area's standards are used to rate DVDs controlled by
the parental lock. See the Area Codes on page 17.
Rating – Select a rating level. The lower the level, the stricter the rating. Select
[Unlock] to deactivate the rating.
Password – Sets or changes the password for lock settings.
[New] Enter a new 4-digit password using the numerical buttons then press
ENTER. Enter the password again to confirm.
[Change] Enter the new password twice after entering the current password.
If you forget your password you can reset it.
1 Remove the disc in the unit.
2 Press SETUP to display the Setup menu. Input '210499' and press ENTER.
The password has now been cleared.


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