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Recording To Usb - LG FB44 User Manual

Dvd micro hi-fi system
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Recording to USB

1 Connect the USB device to the
USB port of the unit.
2 Select a mode in which you want to record
(ex. CD/ TUNER/ ...)
Play a sound source first.
If you want to record desired music file in
disc to USB, play a file before starting
the recording.
3 Start the recording
4 To stop, press
Recording to USB - more you can do
Recording Music file in disc source to USB
One track recording
If the USB recording is started during playback of the CD, the one track/ file
would be recording into the USB.
All tracks recording
If the recording button is pressed at the CD stop, all tracks/ files would be
recording. The files in the sub-folders are not recorded during all track
Program list recording
USB records after creating your own program if you want to record the track
you want (AUDIO CD Only).
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When you are recording, look out for the following
• You can check the recording percentage rate for the USB record on the
screen during the recording.(AUDIO, MP3/ WMA CD only)
• During recording MP3/ WMA, there is no sound.
• When you stop recording during playback, the file that has been recorded at
that time will be stored.(AUDIO CD Only)
• Do not remove the USB device during USB recording. If not, an incomplete
file may be made and not deleted on PC.
• If USB recording does not work, the message like "NO USB", "ERROR",
"USB FULL" or "NO REC" is displayed on the display window.
• Multi card reader device or External HDD can not be used for USB
• A file is recorded by 2 hours when you record for a long term.
• when you stop recording during playback, the file will not be stored.
• In the state CD-G disc, USB record is not operated.
• You may not record more than 999 files.
z z REC
• The file number is saved automatically.
x x STOP
• It'll be stored as follows.
The making of unauthorized copies of copy-protected material, including
computer programs, files, broadcasts and sound recordings, may be an
infringement of copyrights and constitute a criminal offense. This
The other sources
equipment should not be used for such purposes.
Be responsible
Respect copyrights


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