Bosch EasyControl Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Smart radiator thermostat
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Installation and operating instructions
Smart radiator thermostat



  Summary of Contents for Bosch EasyControl

  • Page 1 Installation and operating instructions Smart radiator thermostat EasyControl...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    If the product is not in operation for several weeks, there is a risk that the batteries start leaking. The battery fluid can cause corrosion. ▶ Remove the batteries during longer periods of absence. ▶ Use a corrosion resistant means of protection when removing leaking batteries. EasyControl – 6720881858 (2017/10)
  • Page 3: Product Information

    In addition to the transmitter power and (including convectors and skirting heating) indoors. To ensure the receiver properties, environmental effects such as moisture and product works properly, it must be used together with the EasyControl. structural aspects can impair the performance of the wireless connection.
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation ▶ Installing EasyControl. Installation ▶ Make sure that the EasyControl and also the EasyControl app have been successfully installed. EasyControl app ANDROID APP ON play 0010016191-001 Fig. 2 Scope of delivery 0010016193-001 Fig. 4 Smart radiator thermostat Screw Installing the smart radiator thermostat...
  • Page 5 Fig. 10 Danfoss RA 0010016200-001 Fig. 11 0010016197-001 Danfoss RAVL Fig. 8 Hemeier, Honeywell-Braukmann, Jaga,Junkers, Landis&Gyr "Duodyr", Mertik-maxitrol, MNG, Oventrop, R.B.M., Schlosser, Simplex, Tiemme, Vlaf Sanayii, Watts, Wingenroth (Wiroflex) 0010016201-001 Fig. 12 0010016198-001 Fig. 9 EasyControl – 6720881858 (2017/10)
  • Page 6: Calibration

    ▶ To do so, follow the instructions provided by the app. The servomotor now emits a humming noise. This means the smart radiator thermostat is performing the calibration. 10016621-001 Fig. 17 ▶ Briefly release the mode key “0”. EasyControl – 6720881858 (2017/10)
  • Page 7: Environmental Protection/Disposal

    To dispose of old electrical or electronic devices, you should use the return and collection systems put in place in the country concerned. Batteries must not be disposed together with your household waste. Used batteries must be disposed of in local collection systems. EasyControl – 6720881858 (2017/10)
  • Page 8 Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH Junkersstrasse 20-24 D-73249 Wernau