Hepa Filter - Husqvarna T 4000 Owner's/Operator's Manual

T series dust extractor
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The filter must be cleaned from time to time. This must be done before changing the bag collection system and should also be
done when work is completed or when there is poor suction.
Procedure: Cover the inlet, if applicable, use attached cover. First let the machine build up vacuum for four to five seconds
then quickly push down on the key and release it. Repeat the procedure five times. It is important to let the machine rebuild
the vacuum in between every repetition.
Turn off the motor and wait until it stops completely, then uncover the inlet.
If suction remains poor, the pre-filter needs to be replaced. If suction still remains poor afterwards, the Hepa filters needs to
be replaced. See instructions in chapter 6. FILTER CHANGE.
The dust extractors are mainly equipped with Longopac system for effective dust storage or a regular plastic bag system
depending on model. Longopac is a 22 m long plastic tube that will be divided into plastic bags using the zip ties attached
with the machine.
To assemble a new Longopac bag: Release the belt holding the last bag. Remove the holder, put in a new Longopac bag &
pull out the inner end upwards. Assemble the holder on to the machine and strap the opening facing upwards with the belt.
Pull down the outside end and close it using a zip tie.
All dust extractors can be used with original Husqvarna dust bags for single use. Also all models can be fitted with the
longopac system.
Only change Longopac or regular bag after filter cleaning cycle have been completed.
Risk of dust dispersion - Use personal safety equipment
Unhealthy dust can be spread during filter change. Accordingly, the user should wear protective glasses, protective
gloves, and a breathing mask conforming to protection class FFP3.
Remember to switch off the machine and pull the plug out of the outlet before servicing.
Loosen the latches between the tank and the lower cyclone. Loosen the latches at the hose connection between the tank and
the absolute filter cover. Rotate the tank forward. Rotate the filter plate counter clockwise 10 degrees and carefully turn filter
and holder upside down. Place a plastic bag over the filter unit. Lift the filter carefully and pinch up the bag by hand and then
tie the bag up. This bag must be properly disposed of.
Insert a new complete filter package in reverse order. Only original filters may be used
It is not possible to replace individual tubes. If one is broken, the complete filter needs to be replaced.

Hepa Filter

Loosen the latches holding the filter cover and carefully lift the filter up and into a plastic bag. This bag must be properly
disposed of. Insert new filters in reverse order.
Hepa filters can't be cleaned, trying this might destroy it. When installing the replacement filter, make sure to not touch the
inside of the filter. Any kind of force/damage on the inside of filter media will destroy the new filter.
Recommended intervals for filter change: Socks filter every 6 months and Hepa filter every 12 month.



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