Filter Change; Main Filter; Warranty - Husqvarna T Series Operator's Manual

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Filter change

Risk of dust dispersion - Use of personal safety equipment
Unhealthy dust can be spread during filter change. Accordingly, the user should wear protective glasses,
protective gloves, and a breathing mask conforming to protection class FFP3.
WARNING: Turn off the engine and wait for the fan to completely stop before opening
The exhaust will get very hot after running the engine for just a short time

Main filter

Loosen the two latches between the tank and the lower cyclone. Loosen the two latches at the hose connection
between the tank and the absolute filter cover. Rotate the tank forwards. Rotate the filter plate counter
clockwise 10 degrees and carefully turn filter and holder upside down. Place a plastic bag over the filter unit.
Lift the filter carefully and pinch up the bag by hand and then tie the bag up. This bag must be properly disposed
Insert a new complete filter pack in reverse order. Only original filters may be used.
HEPA filter
Loosen the three latches holding the filter cover and carefully lift the filter up and into a plastic bag. This bag
must be properly disposed of. Insert new filters in reverse order.
Recommended intervals for filter change: Socks filter every 6 months and Hepa filter every 12 month.
Never use a machine without a muffler, or with a faulty muffler. A
damaged muffler may substantially increase the noise level and the fire hazard.
The muffler gets very hot during and after use. This also applies during idling. Be aware of the fire hazard,
especially when working near flammable substances and/or vapours. The muffler is designed to keep noise
levels to a minimum and to direct exhaust fumes away from the user.
Inspecting the muffler
Check regularly that the muffler is complete and secured correctly.


All Husqvarna devices and accessories have a 24-month factory warranty for material and manufacturing
defects. Do not attempt to repair the suction apparatus without the consent of the manufacturer.
The warranty does not cover defects which are the result of normal wear and tear, negligence, defective use,
unauthorised repair or the suction apparatus being connected to the incorrect voltage.
In the event of any complaint, the suction apparatus or an agreed part of it must be returned to us or our
authorised representative for warranty examination and for any warranty repair or replacement.
the machine to change filters.
Keep fire fighting equipment handy.
Complete filter set
MF5500 HEPA filter
Longopac (4-pcs).
1 ea
2 ea
1 ea



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