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Powering On/Off; Tty Support - LG -AF300 User Manual

Wireless home phone
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Powering On/Off

The On/Off button is used to turn your Wireless Home Phone Base on or off. When
powered off, the Wireless Home Phone Base will no longer send or receive calls, but
it will continue to charge the back-up battery if still connected to the wall outlet.
To turn the Wireless Home Phone Base on, push the On/Off button to the left
side(ON). To turn it off, push the On/Off button to the right side(OFF).

TTY Support

TTY (Text Telephony) and TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) are
supported by the Wireless Home Phone Base. In order to use the TTY network, you
must have a TTY-compatible phone and be in TTY mode. Note that most digital
wireless devices are TTY-compatible.
Dial *543*889*n# to set the TTY mode.
• n = 0: TTY off mode. The standard voice speaking mode and listening mode. This
is the default setting.
• n = 1: TTY full mode. Transmit and receive the TTY characters.
• n = 2: VCO mode. Receive TTY characters but transmit by speaking into the
• n = 3: HCO mode. Transmit TTY characters but receive by listening to the receiver.


Table of Contents