LG LSP-4000(P) User Manual

Fixed wireless phone
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Please read this manual carefully before operating your
set. Retain it for future reference.



  Summary of Contents for LG LSP-4000(P)

  • Page 1 LSP-4000 USER GUIDE Please read this manual carefully before operating your set. Retain it for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Highlights Contents ▶ Congratulations on your subscription to the LSP- Hands free Speaker Phone 1. Important Information 3.7 Receiving a Call 4000(P) Fixed Wireless Phone. This phone has been 3.8 In Call Memo ▶ 1.1 Safety Instruction Receiver Off-Hook tone designed to operate on the IS-2000 Air Protocol 3.9 Lock Mode 1.2 Optimal Phone Performance...
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Important Information Important Information ▶ ▶ 1.1 Safety Instruction RF energy may affect improperly installed or Use battery, antenna and AC/DC power adapter 1.3 Care and Service inadequately shielded personal medical devices provided by LGE. Using parts made by any other such as pace-makers or hospital monitors.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    ▶ Avoid using the phone in high LG does not bear responsibility damage the internal electronic line. It may result in an electric temperature or humidity. Avoid for any faults that may arise due circuit boards.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    ③ END/PWR : Deactivates states, or Power ON/OFF use it. It may cause fire or in a short-circuit. LG does not electric shock. bear any responsibility for the ④ Soft key 2 : Activates Find Menu state damage.
  • Page 6: Lcd Display

    Introduction Introduction 2.2 LCD Display 2.3 Installation The LCD shows icons on the top of the LCD screen. You should follow each step carefully as shown below in order to guarantee Different indicators appear based on the phone's operating mode. the proper operation of CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone.
  • Page 7 Introduction Introduction ▶ STEP I. Check Components direct exposure to sunlight and dampness. Please observe the following to get better voice STEP IV. Check the LCD Display quality. ▶ Read the SAFETY INFORMATION located in the ▶ ▶ The following components are supplied Fixed After you follow the installation instruction step I to first part of this document before you place the 1.
  • Page 8: Installation Steps

    Introduction Basic Operations 2.4 Installation Steps 3.1 Making a Call 3.2 Messaging Please follow the procedure below to install the phone properly. You can make a call as follows. You can send or receive a short message. If you want Message Write to send SMS, press...
  • Page 9: Way Call Conferencing

    Basic Operations Basic Operations 4. The call is connected and you may start 3.5 Call Waiting 3.8 In Call Memo Message END/PWR ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● conversation. (Not used In PCO product) Soft Key 1 Soft Key 2 While a call is in progress, you may hear two beeps...
  • Page 10: Entering And Editing Information

    Basic Operations Basic Operations phone calls and still make emergency calls. The lock 3.10 Entering and Editing Input Mode code/password on your phone is “0000” by default. Information Text Input provides four modes for entering text, If you need to modify the lock code, you may modify special characters, and punctuation.
  • Page 11: Menu Tree

    Menu Tree Menu Tree 4. Menu Tree Main Menu Sub-Menu Setting Value Main MENU Sub-MENU Setting Value 4. Emergency Calls Emergency 1 / Emergency 2 / Emergency 3 1. Menu 5. Restrict Call Set Restrict / Permit Memory / Deny Memory 1.
  • Page 12: Menu

    Menu Tree Menu Tree 4.1 Menu Ring Type Main Menu Sub-Menu Setting Value 4. Valid Period Default / 30 Minutes / 1 Hour / 2 Hours / You can select the various ring types. You may select from five Main Menu (Sound, Settings, 12 Hours / 1 Day / 2 Days Dial Features, Security, My Number) for this item.
  • Page 13 Menu Tree Menu Tree Key Volume 4.1.2 Settings Backlight 5. Press Soft key 2 to save and exit. The tone when you press a key can be adjusted. You can use additional features like Alarm, Version, [Set Ringer] Allows you to choose the settings of the LCD and Backlight etc.
  • Page 14 Menu Tree Menu Tree Up to 300 memory locations can be assigned for Enable or Disable. Disable indicates that the phone is 2. Press button or Soft key 2 Next 2. Press button or Soft key 2 Next Up/Down Up/Down speed dial.
  • Page 15 Menu Tree Menu Tree Note : Deleted phone book memory can not be if “ 92” is stored in Permit Memory, you can call Change Code 4. Press button or Soft key 2 Next Up/Down retrieved. numbers beginning with “92” successfully. Select Yes or No.
  • Page 16 Menu Tree Menu Tree on-hook state. previous screen, press Clear button. S S t t o o r r e e M M e e s s s s a a g g e e : This function allows you to For example, the meaning of (2/3) in View SMS is choose whether the sent message shall be saved that 2 out of 3 messages are unread.
  • Page 17: Message

    Menu Tree Menu Tree MSG Ringer Message Message After 2 Days 1. Press + 2( Inbox ) + 3( ) in 1. Press + 3( Outbox Erase All on-hook state. Erase All ) in on-hook state. This function allows you to set the ringer-type for 3.
  • Page 18: Find

    Menu Tree Menu Tree the Call History. 3. Press Soft key 1 to save. 3. To view desired item, select Soft key 1 View Erase When you press the Dial/Flash button, all calls are 4. To erase desired number, select Soft key 2 5.
  • Page 19 Menu Tree Menu Tree Dialled 2. Press Up/Down button to select desired item in 4.3.2 Phone Book ▶ In PCO product, Press Soft key 2 Time the In Call Memo list. see more information and press Soft key 1 Find Call History 1.
  • Page 20: Speaker Phone

    Menu Tree Speaker Phone [Fast Searching] phone numbers you have stored, press Soft key 5. Speaker Phone Find Press Soft key 2 and press Soft key 2 Find This function is a convenient feature, which enables again. Find you to make a call using the Speaker Phone ( button in on-hook state.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Rated Input Frequency 50 / 60Hz • Phone repeats abnormally power-on and Check that the adapter is the approved from LG. power-off after a few second when you plug-in Operating Input Frequency 47 ~ 63Hz...
  • Page 22: Battery

    12 months commencing from the date of replacement thereof to the CONSUMER. the activation or 16 months from the date of 4. Upon request from LG ELECTRONICS Inc., the manufacture whichever is less, except for the CONSUMER may be required to provide the...
  • Page 23 THIS PRODUCT. respect of any defects in the PRODUCT, the (b) LG ELECTRONICS Inc. has not been notified by CONSUMER shall ship the PRODUCTS or part the CONSUMER of the defects of the PRODUCT...
  • Page 24 LGE CDMA Fixed Wireless Phone LSP-4000(P) Licensed by QUALCOMM Incorporated under one or more of the following Patents: U.S, Patent No. 4,901,307 U.S, Patent No. 5,056,109 U.S, Patent No. 5,099,204 U.S, Patent No. 5,101,501 U.S, Patent No. 5,103,459 U.S, Patent No. 5,107,225...
  • Page 25 JUN/2006/ISSUE 1.0 P/N : MMBB0212101 PRINTED IN KOREA...