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E911 Service; Power Outages; Device Compatibility - LG -AF300 User Manual

Wireless home phone
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Important Information

E911 Service

911 services are supported just as they are on any wireless device. You should
expect to provide your home address to the emergency response center responsible
for sending first responders (e.g., police, medical assistance, or fire) to your location.

Power Outages

Wireless Home Phone Base has a back-up battery with talk time of up to three and a
half (3.5) hours depending on environmental factors. Please note you'll need a
standard corded phone that doesn't require external power to function with the back-
up battery for all calling, including 911.
If you experience a power outage and your battery is fully depleted, it will be
necessary to restart your device when power is restored by pressing and holding the
On/Off button for five (5) seconds.

Device Compatibility

Wireless Home Phone Base does not support your home security systems, fax
machines, dial-up or DSL internet service, DVR services, medical alert services (e.g.,
Life Alert), or credit card machines. The service cannot be used to make 500, 700,
900, 976, 0+ collect, operator assisted, or dial-around calls (e.g., 1010-XXXX).
The device does not support data services (e.g., texting, multimedia message
services (MMS), and data tethering).
In-Home Wiring
Interconnecting to home telephone wiring is not necessary, but is possible; however,
it is not recommended unless you possess sufficient knowledge of electrical systems.
Use with home wiring requires the physical disconnection from other services,
including the landline coming into your home. Use of a qualified licensed electrician
is highly recommended. Improper installation may result in phone equipment
damage or even a fire.


Table of Contents