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Useful Tips - LG -AF300 User Manual

Wireless home phone
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Note: The "Phone 2" port can be used to connect an additional phone or answering
machine. This port uses the same telephone number as the "Phone 1" port.
5. Place a Test Call
Place a test call from your connected home phone. Make sure to use 10-digit dialing
even for local calls.
For best results, place the cordless phone base at least 12 inches from the Wireless
Home Phone Base.
Note: Keep your cordless phone plugged into a power outlet.

Useful Tips

• Voicemail is included with your service. Dial "1" to set up and access. Be sure to
create a password for security and remote access. If using an answering machine,
set it to fewer than five (5) rings.
• Transferring a landline phone number can take five (5) days or more. Outgoing
calls can be made immediately, while incoming calls will continue through your old
service until the transfer is complete. Check status at
• Your AT&T Wireless Home Phone Base does not support incoming or outgoing fax
• Your AT&T Wireless Home Phone Base supports voice only over the AT&T cellular
• Your AT&T Wireless Home Phone Base does not support rotary or pulse-dialing
Details on using voicemail and transferring a landline phone number can be found on
the following pages.


Table of Contents

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