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GE IC695CNM001 Quick Start Manual

Pacsystems rx3i series canopen master module intelligent platforms programmable control products.
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Intelligent Platforms
Programmable Control Products
PACSystems* RX3i
CANopen Master Module, IC695CNM001
Quick Start Guide, GFK-2837
March 2013


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Intelligent Platforms Programmable Control Products PACSystems* RX3i CANopen Master Module, IC695CNM001 Quick Start Guide, GFK-2837 March 2013...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents User Features ................. 3 1.1. Overview ................. 3 1.2. Indicators ................. 4 Hardware Installation ............. 6 2.1. Installation in Hazardous Areas ........7 2.2. Connecting the CNM001 to the CANopen Network ..8 Configuration ................ 10 Diagnostic Data ..............13 Additional Information ............
  • Page 3: User Features

    1. User Features 1.1. Overview Indicators POWER MOD STATUS Power NET STATUS Module Status Network Status CNM001 CANOPEN MASTER USB – Mini Type B STATION ADD CANopen Bus Connector Male, 9-pin D Connector Assignment CAN_GND-3 CAN_L_2 Not connected CAN_H_7 CAN-L CAN_GND 4, 5, 6 Not connected...
  • Page 4: Indicators

    1.2. Indicators Power LED State Module State Green The module has backplane power. There is no backplane power to the module. Module Status LED State Module State Green The module is operating normally. Green/yellow, Module is waiting for firmware download. blinking Yellow Firmware download in progress.
  • Page 5 Network Status LED State Module State Reset: The module is executing a reset. Green, single Stopped: The device is in the stopped flash state. Preoperational: The module is in the Green, blinking preoperational state. Green Operational: The device is in the operational state.
  • Page 6: Hardware Installation

    2. Hardware Installation A CNM001 module must be installed in the main RX3i rack in any slot except slot 0 or the expansion slot. A CNM001 module in an RX3i Universal Backplane can be installed or removed while power is applied to the system (hot swapped). This product is intended for use with the RX3i system.
  • Page 7: Installation In Hazardous Areas

    2.1. Installation in Hazardous Areas The system containing the CNM001 module must be mounted within an ultimate enclosure that can be accessed only by the use of a tool. The following information is for products bearing the UL marking for Hazardous Locations or ATEX marking for explosive atmospheres: ...
  • Page 8: Connecting The Cnm001 To The Canopen Network

    2.2. Connecting the CNM001 to the CANopen Network The CNM001 module provides a balanced (differential) two-wire interface over shielded twisted pair cable to the CANopen network. Maximum cable length is determined by the data rate used. The CNM001 module does not support multiple masters. RX3i CPU Node with CANopen Master POWER...
  • Page 9 CAN_L (pin 2) CAN_H (pin 7) CAN GND (pin 3) Shield to connector CANopen Cable The cable shield should be connected to each device on the network. Network Data Rates and Bus Lengths The CNM001 module supports the estimated bus lengths and data rates defined in CiA 303 version 1.8.0.
  • Page 10: Configuration

    Mini USB cable for connecting to the module. ■ Proficy Machine Edition configuration and programming software from GE Intelligent Platforms, version 7.00 or later. ■ Serial or Ethernet cable for connecting the Proficy Machine Edition programmer to the RX3i CPU.
  • Page 11 Two steps are required to configure the IC695CNM001 module as a master on a CANopen network: Configure the CANopen network using and download the configuration to the CNM001 module through the USB port. The CNM001 master module must be configured as node 1.
  • Page 12 Configure the CNM001 module in Proficy Machine Edition as a third-party module and download the configuration to the RX3i CPU. ◦ Specify the reference data addresses and lengths for input and output scan data, and ◦ Select the status data that the RX3i CPU will scan from the CNM001 module.
  • Page 13: Diagnostic Data

    4. Diagnostic Data Module Status Data (32 bits) Definition Number Module OK 1 = Module is present and available 0 = CNM001 module is not powered up or not available (not configured or faulted) All slaves healthy 1 = All configured slaves are OK 0 = At least one slave is faulted PDO Counters enabled 1 = PDO counters are enabled...
  • Page 14 Node Status Data (128 bits) This data consists of one bit per slave device, with bit position indicating the address. For example slave address 2 is indicated by bit 1 (first bit is bit 0). Node Status Definition Bit = ▪...
  • Page 15: Additional Information

    PACSystems RX3i CANopen Master Module User’s Manual, GFK-2831 User manuals, product updates and other information sources are available on the Support website,, under Controllers and IO, RX3i Controllers. 5.2. Information about CANopen For detailed information about CANopen, contact the CAN in Automation e.V.
  • Page 16 Americas: 1-800-433-2682 or 1-434-978-5100 Global regional phone numbers are available on our web site ©2013 GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. All Rights Reserved *Trademark of GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc. All other brands or names are property of their respective holders...

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