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Trouble Shooting - Acer ALH-316ds/324ds User Manual

16/24-port 10/100 mbps ethernet hub
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4.Trouble shooting

4.1 Symptoms and Suggestions
All LEDs are off.
Fan Err. LED is
blinking or down
Link LED of a
connected port
is off.
100 LED is not lit
when connected to a
100 NIC or 100 Hub
(but Link LED is lit.)
Possible Reason
The hub is not receiving
The fan is dead or works
1.The UTP cable is
not securely connected
2.The port is bad
3.If the other party is a
PC, the network interface card (NIC) were installed
card(NIC) could be not
4.If the other party is a
hub or LAN switch, the
connected ports signal
could be cross-over
5.The UTP cable is
broken, or it is cross-
overed cable.
The auto-negotiation
function is failed between connection equipment in
ALH-316ds/324ds and the specific mode. If, yes, then free
other part
1.Check if the AC power cord
plug is both securely fastened at
the AC outlet and the hubs.
2.Contact you vender if still
1.Check your fan, maybe you
should have a new fan.
2.Contact the vender
1.Check the cable connection
2 Try to connect another port
3.Check if the network interface
4.Make sure ALH-316ds/324ds
normal port is connected to the
other hub's (or switch's) uplink
port is connected the other's
normal port.
5.Try another normal cable.
1. Check if you force the
it to auto-negotiation
2. Un-plug the UTP cable from
ALH-316ds/324ds and plug-in
3.Check if the NIC is set to auto-
negotiation mode.
4.Check if the other hub is set to
auto-negotiation mode
5. If the above steps does not
work, it is an interoperability
problem, contact your vender.



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