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Introduction - Acer ALH-316ds/324ds User Manual

16/24-port 10/100 mbps ethernet hub
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Thanks for your purchase of the ALH-316ds/324ds. ALH-316ds/324ds is
an 16/24-port dual speed hub works as terminal connecting equipment in
corporate environment to combine the 10Mbps users and 100Mbps power
users. With its auto-sensing and auto-negotiation functions, all you have to
do is plug in and check the correctness of the LEDs and start to work.
1.1 Product configuration
The product configuration inside the package is shown in the Figure 1-1.
Please check the contents of the package if there is any missing part
before using the hub. The accessories of this product include:
• ALH-316ds/324ds dual speed hub
• Power cord
• Hangers and pads
• User guide
• Stacking cable (SCSI-II)

1. Introduction

Figure 1-1 Product configuration of ALH-316ds/324ds
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1 piece
1 pack
1 book
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