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Rack Mounting - Acer ALH-316ds/324ds User Manual

16/24-port 10/100 mbps ethernet hub
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2.4 Rack mounting

To install the ALH-316ds/324ds hub in a 19-inch rack, please follow these steps:
1. If the hub has rubber footpads on the bottom of the unit, please
remove them.
2. Locate the rack mounting holes on both sides of the hub
(see Figure 2- 6).
3. Using a cross-head screwdriver, attach the two mounting brackets to
both sides of the hub with the four screws supplied with the unit
(see Figure 2- 6).
4. Place the hub in the rack and align the holes in the mounting bracket
with the holes in the rack chassis (see Figure 2- 7).
5. Insert two mounting screws (the rack-mount equipment should provide
these screws), into each of the mounting brackets and tighten with a
suitable screwdriver.
Figure 2-6: Attaching mounting brackets (8 screws: M3x5)
Figure 2-7: Attaching mounting brackets for a rack mount (4 screws: M5x10)
Note: The pannel wall should be able to bear three times of the system's



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