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Acer ALH-316ds/324ds User Manual page 13

16/24-port 10/100 mbps ethernet hub
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• The hub will be divided into Master and Slave hubs when they are
stacked together. The upper most hub is the Master hub, and other hubs
are Slave hubs. The Master hub continues to use the built-in switch but
the switch in the Slave hubs will be disabled, as in Figure 3-3.
Figure 3-3 Master and Slave hubs in stacking ALH-316ds/324ds.
Note: 1. To concern the convenience of the cross-wiring connection
between hubs, ALH-316ds/324ds provide 1 cross-over port
(marked as"X").
2. The up-link port utilizes the first connection port with "X"
sign.When you connect to another hub by this uplink port.
• The built-in switches in slave hubs will be disabled automatically to avoid
data looping from multiple inter-connections of hubs, as shown in Figure
Figure 3-4 Auto Data looping prevention in ALH-316ds/324ds.



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