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Sony BRAVIA KDL-48W655D Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions
KDL-48W655D / 40W655D / 32W655D
Getting Started
Parts and Controls
Connecting TV to the Internet
Watching TV
Navigating through Home Menu
Viewing Pictures from Connected
Additional Information
Reading the manual with attention, you will be
able to use your unit correctly, taking
advantages of the most of their technical
• Read the instruction manual before using the
• The correct use of the unit prolongs its life.
• Keep this manual for future reference.
Sony Customer Support
Please Do Not Return
the Product to the Store


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Sony BRAVIA KDL-48W655D

  • Page 1 • Read the instruction manual before using the • The correct use of the unit prolongs its life. • Keep this manual for future reference. Sony Customer Support Please Do Not Return the Product to the Store KDL-48W655D / 40W655D / 32W655D...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents IMPORTANT NOTICE ....4 Watching TV Safety Information ..... 5 Introducing Your BRAVIA®...
  • Page 3 Viewing Pictures from Connected Equipment Connection Diagram ....33 Connecting the TV ....34 Showing a Set Top Box with HDMI connection .
  • Page 4: Important Notice

    TV. Labels for the AC adapter Model No. and SAFETY Serial No. are located on the bottom of the AC adapter. • Use the power AC cable specified by Sony and appropriate Nota voltage to the local feeding;...
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    Non-rechargeable Batteries Modelo : J20H090 Attention: • Check the instructions on the use of the appliance being certified that the polarities (+) and (-) are in the appropriate position. The batteries can leak or explode if the polarities are This equipment operates on a secondary basis and, consequently, reversed, exposed to the fire, taken apart or recharged.
  • Page 6 NOTE ON AC ADAPTER Warning To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the apparatus.
  • Page 7: Introducing Your Bravia® Tv

    ® Introducing Your BRAVIA Experiencing Stunning HD with Your BRAVIA TV To experience the stunning detail of your new BRAVIA TV, you need access to high-definition (HD) programming. Your BRAVIA TV can receive and display HD programming from: • Over-the-air broadcasting via HD-quality antenna •...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Securing the TV Getting Started Sony strongly recommends taking Setting Up Your TV measures to prevent the TV from toppling over. Unsecured TVs may topple Some TV models are packaged with a detached and result in property damage, serious Table-Top Stand so you can mount your TV to a bodily injury or even death.
  • Page 9: Recommended Measures To Secure The

    The length of the M6 machine screw differs Recommended Measures to Secure the depending on the rope or chain diameter. Please refer to below illustration. 10 mm - 12 mm Consider the following measures when securing your TV to a Stand (not supplied). Screw M6 Secure the Stand for the TV.
  • Page 10: Precautions

    Precautions How to care for your BRAVIA TV Safety is very important. Please read and follow the safety documentation (Safety Booklet) separately provided. Unplug the TV and other connected equipment from the wall outlet before you begin cleaning your TV. ...
  • Page 11: Parts And Controls

     (Sensors/LED indicator) • Receives signals from the remote control. Parts and Controls Do not put anything over the sensor. Doing so may affect its function. • Lights up in amber when the [Sleep Timer] or [On Timer] is set (page 29), or the TV is in Photo Frame Mode (page 21).
  • Page 12: Remote Control

     Color buttons Remote Control Displays operation guide (when colored buttons are available). The remote control shape, location, availability  NETFLIX (Only on limited region/ and function of remote control button may vary country/TV model) depending on your region/country/TV model. Accesses the “NETFLIX”...
  • Page 13  POWER Hint • The number 5, , CH + and AUDIO buttons have a Turns the TV on or switches to standby tactile dots. Use the tactile dots as references when mode. operating the TV.  SYNC MENU Press to display the BRAVIA Sync Menu and then select connected HDMI equipment from [Device Selection].
  • Page 14: Guidelines For Remote Control

    Guidelines for Remote Control  Point your remote control directly at the IR sensor located on your TV.  Make sure that no objects are blocking the path between the remote control and the IR sensor on your TV.  Fluorescent lamps can interfere with your remote control;...
  • Page 15: Connecting Tv To The Internet

    Type 1: Secured network with Wi-Fi Connecting TV to the Internet Protected Setup™ (WPS) The WPS standard makes security of a wireless Setting up the Internet home network as straightforward as pressing the WPS button on the wireless LAN router. Connection Before setting up a wireless LAN, check the location of the WPS button on the router and...
  • Page 16: Type 2: Secured Network Without Wi-fi Protected Setup™ (wps)

    Note Type 2: Secured network without Wi-Fi • Security key (WEP or WPA key) will not be required because you do not need to select any security Protected Setup™ (WPS) method in this procedure. • To use the network with IPv6, select [Settings]  To set up a wireless LAN, SSID (wireless network [Preferences] ...
  • Page 17: Preparing A Wired Network

    When you use the following functions to supplied). connect to the Internet, certain information will be sent to Sony Corporation’s global servers, which is considered to be personal information, Viewing the Network Status and requires your agreement in order for service You can confirm your network status.
  • Page 18: Watching Tv

    The boxy 4:3 aspect ratio (common to most SD signals) must be adjusted to fill the screen. Watching TV Press  on the TV or POWER on the remote control to turn on the TV. Press ANT/DIGITAL/ANALOG to switch between cable and antenna channels. Press the number buttons or CH +/–...
  • Page 19: Changing The Viewing Style

    Changing the Viewing Style Changing the Wide Mode Press WIDE repeatedly to select the wide mode. [Wide Zoom]* [Normal] [Full] [Zoom]* * Parts of the top and bottom of the picture may be cut off. For HDMI PC Input (PC timing) [Normal] [Full 1] [Full 2]...
  • Page 20: Navigating Through Home Menu

    Photo Sharing Plus Navigating through Home Menu Connect, copy and view favorite photos on TV using your devices (e.g. smartphones or tablets). The HOME button allows you to access a variety of TV settings and features. HOME  [All Apps]  [Photo Sharing Plus] Note •...
  • Page 21: Using The Tv As A Photo Frame Mode

    Using the TV as a Photo Frame Mode Listening to FM Radio HOME  [All Apps]  [FM Radio] Photo Frame Mode displays the clock and calendar at the same time as displaying a photo Note and listening to music or FM radio. •...
  • Page 22: Favorites

    You can enjoy photo/music/video files stored in • NCL® is a registered trademark of PUC-Rio. a Sony digital still camera or camcorder through • “Ginga” functionality supported on this product is in a USB cable or USB storage device on your TV.
  • Page 23 Plus (2ch), DTS, DTS 2.0 The data on the USB device may be damaged. • TS (.ts, .m2ts) • Sony will not be held liable for any damage to, or loss of, data on the recording media due to a malfunction Video Codec: MPEG2, H.264, VC-1...
  • Page 24: Home Network

    Display Settings for Media Servers Home Network Select home network servers to be displayed in the Home Menu. Up to 10 servers can be Connecting to a Home Network displayed. You can enjoy various content (e.g. photo/ Press HOME, then select [Settings] t music/video files) stored on DLNA Certified™...
  • Page 25 Sharpness Sound Adjustments Sharpens or softens the picture. Sound Mode Reality Creation Select according to content you want to Adjusts fineness and noise for realistic enjoy. picture. Reset Resolution: Adjusts fineness and clarity. Select [Manual] to adjust the Reset [Equalizer], [Clear Voice], [Steady reality creation.
  • Page 26 Advanced Settings H Center Adjusts the horizontal position of the Dynamic Range: Compensates for picture. differences in the audio level between different channels. V Center Note Adjusts the vertical position of the picture. • The effect may not function or may vary depending on the program regardless of the [Dynamic Range] setting.
  • Page 27 Interactive Application: Enables the Edit Analog Channel Labels viewing of programmes featuring Allows you to assign labels (such as interactive services. station call letters) to channel numbers. Application Auto Start: Launches Press F/f to scroll through the channel broadcast-related applications numbers.
  • Page 28 Device Name: Change the name of the External Input Lock TV shown on the connected device. Locks an external input from being Refresh Internet Content: Connect to watched. To view a blocked external input, the internet to receive available select [Unblocked]. Internet content services.
  • Page 29 Audio Application: Sets [FM Radio], Info Banner [Music] or [Off] as audio application. Displays the information related to the Image Selection: Select image. input signal you are watching. Select Music Selection: Select music. [Small] to display minimal channel and program title or select [Large] to display Slideshow Setting: Select from detailed channel and program showing slideshow mode or single...
  • Page 30 • This option is not available, when [Headphone/Audio Out] is set to [Audio following functions are available. Out] or [Subwoofer]. If the specific Sony equipment that is compatible with BRAVIA Sync Control is connected, this setting is applied to the connected equipment...
  • Page 31 Device Auto Power Off: When set to [On], the connected equipment that is compatible with BRAVIA Sync Reset Control turns off when your TV goes Resets the current Eco settings to the to standby mode. default values. TV Auto Power On: When set to [On], the TV turns on when you turn on the Power Saving connected equipment that is...
  • Page 32: Customer Support

    Network. Note • Software update via the internet may vary depending on your region/country/TV model. • To update the software, please visit Sony support website. Automatic Software Download Select [On] to download the software automatically. Select [Off] to disable it.
  • Page 33: Viewing Pictures From Connected Equipment

    Viewing Pictures from Connected Equipment Connection Diagram You can connect a wide range of optional equipment to your TV. Note • Depending on TV model, connecting a large USB device may interfere with other connected devices beside it. • When connecting a large USB device, connect only 1 USB jack. Home Audio System with ARC/HDMI...
  • Page 34: Connecting The Tv

    Showing a Set Top Box with HDMI Connecting the TV connection Note • Use an antenna cable connector no greater than 14 mm thick. • When connecting the cable to the Cable/Antenna, input finger tighten only, over tightening the connection can damage the TV. •...
  • Page 35: System

    Cable System or VHF/UHF Antenna System Antenna Cable...
  • Page 36: Showing Hd Bravia® Sync™ Basic Us

    Showing HD BRAVIA® Sync™ Basic Connection Rear panel *A/V Receiver Side Panel *Blu-ray Disc player SAT (Dish) Cable/ *HD Cable Box or Antenna HD Satellite Receiver * Signifies a BRAVIA Sync capable device.
  • Page 37: Showing Hd Basic Connection With Home Theater System

    Showing HD Basic Connection with Home Theater System Rear panel Side Panel Home Theater System Blu-ray Disc player/DVD Player...
  • Page 38: Showing Pc Connection With Sd Vcr/dvd

    Showing PC Connection with SD VCR/DVD *DVI Notebook PC Side Panel Rear panel Bottom of TV VCR/DVD Combo Splitter with Video Input Cable/Antenna * DVI does not support audio signals. Connect the audio output of the PC to the PC speakers or an A/V receiver to listen to sound from the PC.
  • Page 39: Using Audio And Video Equipment

    When the waiting screen for the Screen HighSpeed HDMI Cable with Cable Type Logo mirroring is displayed, press OPTIONS, then (Recommended SONY Cable). select [Show Device List / Delete]. • When connecting mono equipment, connect the To deregister a device, select the device in the audio cable to the L (mono) jack.
  • Page 40: Additional Information

    For product protection and safety reasons, • When removing the Table-Top Stand from the TV, lay Sony strongly recommends that installation the display face down on a stable work surface that is of your TV on the wall be performed by larger than the TV.
  • Page 41: Installing The Tv Against A Wall Or Enclosed Area

    LED indicator flashes red (interval time is three seconds). Press  on the TV to turn it off, disconnect the AC power cord, and contact Sony Customer Leave at least this much space around the set. Support.
  • Page 42: Sound

    LAN devices or microwave ovens, may interfere with the Screen mirroring function using  Turn the connected equipment on. wireless LAN. Keep the TV or Sony Screen  Check the cable connection. mirroring compatible devices (Xperia) away from ...
  • Page 43  Wireless LAN connection fails or radio If the LAN cable is connected to an active server and the TV has acquired an IP address, check your reception conditions are poor DLNA Certified™ media server’s connections and  Check the installation location of the TV and configurations.
  • Page 44: General

    The , +, and – buttons cannot be located on General the TV.  See below illustration for location of the buttons The TV turns off automatically (the TV enters on the TV. standby mode)  Check if the [Sleep Timer] is activated (page 29). Front of TV ...
  • Page 45: Specifications

    ARC (Audio Return Channel) (HDMI IN 1 only) PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Specifications AUDIO OUT/ (Stereo mini jack) Headphone, Audio output, Subwoofer System 1, 2 Television system USB port Analog: NTSC / PAL-M / PAL-N DC IN 19.5 V Digital: SBTVD AC adapter input Channel coverage...
  • Page 46 Protected Setup and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance. • “Blu-ray Disc”, “Blu-ray” and “Blu-ray Disc” logo are trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association. • “PlayStation” is a registered trademark and “PS3” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Page 48 © 2016 Sony Corporation Printed in Brazil...

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