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Do Not Disturb; Button Programming; Programming Personal Speed Dials - NEC SL1100 Quick Reference

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SL1100 Telephone Quick Reference

Do Not Disturb

Press DND key- system will automatically turn it on within 5 second (to DND all)
To Cancel : Press DND - system will automatically turn it off within 5 second.
Other options available:
o Press DND key + 1 (sends External calls straight to vmail)
o Press DND key + 2 (sends Internal calls straight to vmail)
o Press DND key + 3 (sends All calls straight to vmail)
o Press DND key + 0 (cancels DND)
Call Forward
(If Applicable)
Press Call Fwd Key, then press 1
Enter another Extension ; or 9 plus phone Number
Press Speaker Key
To Cancel : Press Call Fwd key, press 0

Button Programming

Press Speaker Key , enter 751
Press key to be programmed , then dial 01
Enter Extension number OR 9 + Phone number (if long distance it requires a 1 in front of the
Press Hold , press Speaker Key
Record a Phone Conversation
With an active call , Press the Record Key (records conversation into your voicemail)
Press Record key at any time to stop recording the conversation
Note: Retrieve the recorded conversation the same way as retrieving voicemail

Programming Personal Speed Dials:

Press Menu soft key (on display), enter 71
Press Select
desired Speed Dial Number 00 to 19
Press Select
Enter 9 plus a telephone number, press Next
Spell out name (press # to move cursor to the right, press Clear/Back to move to the left)
Press Save , press Speaker Key
F o r S e r v i c e C a l l : ( 8 0 0 ) 5 9 5 - 8 8 8 2 / E m a i l : d i s p a t c h @ o k t e l e p h o n . c o m
(If Applicable)
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