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Siemens QAA2280.xWNC Installation Instructions page 2

2200 series; 3200 series. temperature and combination rh&t room units, tec
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Document No. 129-484
Installation Instructions
April 17, 2014
Mounting Information
Always mount the room unit vertically, on a flat wall.
Locate the room unit:
according to design specifications and local
where the air circulates around it freely (not
in recessed areas or behind doors).
allowing a minimum of 4 inches (10 cm) free
space above and below for proper airflow,
the hex bit or passkey tool, and the
computer communication cable.
away from drafts caused by doors, windows,
outside walls, air registers, pipes, return air
plenums, etc.
away from heat sources such as strong
lights, fireplaces, direct sunlight, etc.
on an inside wall (preferably), about 5 feet
(1.5 m) above the finished floor, or per code
(ANSI, ADA, or local regulation).
Drywall Mounting (No Rough-in),
1. Mark the center (cable) hole and the mounting
hole locations, using the room unit base plate as
a template. See Figure 2.
2. Drill two 3/16-inch (4.8 mm) mounting holes and
mount the two plastic wall anchors flush to
below the wall surface for stable mounting of the
3. Cut a 1-inch (25 mm) center hole with a hole
NOTE: It is recommended that you use the
optional Insulating Gasket on the back
of the Sensor Base for hollow wall
When applying the adhesive-backed
gasket to the back of the Sensor Base,
orient the gasket so that the cut-out
arrow portion of the gasket is in the
upper lefthand quadrant of the Sensor
Base. The Sensor Base has an UP
arrow molded into the surface in the
same quadrant location.
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Figure 2. Insulating Gasket.
4. Pull about three inches (75 mm) of the cable
through the hole in the base plate.
See Figure 2 for details on optional
Gasket application.
Figure 2. Drywall Mounting (No Rough-in), Typical.
5. Mount the room unit base plate on the wall,
noting the "UP" arrow:
If required, position the Back Plate
behind the Room Unit Base, aligning
the top and bottom mounting holes,
prior to mounting to the wall:
a. Install the two mounting screws provided,
but do not tighten.
b. Level the room unit base plate for
c. Tighten the two mounting screws to the
room unit base plate.
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