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Siemens QAA2280.xWNC Installation Instructions

Siemens QAA2280.xWNC Installation Instructions

2200 series; 3200 series. temperature and combination rh&t room units, tec


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Series 2200 Temperature and Series
3200 Combination RH&T Room Units,

Product Description

These room units allow users to view and adjust
points in the controller using the room unit buttons
and digital display.
They work with various Terminal Equipment
Controllers (TECs) and Actuator Terminal
Controllers (ATECs) offered by Siemens Industry,
Inc. These devices incorporate a solid state or 10K
NTC sensing element to detect temperature (and
humidity for QFA models). The effective sensing and
setpoint range is 55°F to 95°F (13°C to 35°C).
These room units can be mounted on electrical
boxes, stud-type mounting brackets, or drywall.
Obtain the necessary mounting hardware and follow
the appropriate mounting procedures for the type of
installation required.
Product Numbers
Room Unit Back Plate (10-pack)
Room Unit Back Plate (Single)
563-102 GSKT Kit Room Sensor Insulating
Gasket (10-pack)
(For hollow wall installations)
TEC to Room Sensor Cable
Yellow, 6-pin male with RJ-11 jacks on both ends
(Choose 1, a cable may already be installed):
588-100C 100-foot
Caution Notations
Item Number 129-484, Rev. JA
Equipment damage or loss of
data may occur if you do not
follow a procedure as
Installation Instructions
Expected Installation Time
20 minutes

Required Tools

Phillips sizes 1 and 2 screwdrivers
Small and medium, flat-blade screwdrivers
1/16-inch hex key or 544-643A Passkey
(includes hex bit)
Medium-duty electric drill
3/16-inch (4.8 mm) drill bit
One-inch (25 mm) hole saw
Small level
Tape measure
Marker or pencil
If using non-terminated or damaged cables, you also
Room unit connector tool (RJ-11 crimping
tool – SBT P/N 540-140 or third-party tool)
Room unit connector kit (SBT P/N 540-141)
Review these instructions before beginning.
Installed: appropriate field wiring (standard
six-conductor room unit cables, plenum or
non-plenum as required) within the
maximum wiring run length for the individual
equipment controller. The maximum
recommended length is 100 feet (30 m).
All wiring must comply with National Electric
Code (NEC) and local regulations.
Figure 1. Temperature Room Unit.
Document No. 129-484
April 17, 2014
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    • Small and medium, flat-blade screwdrivers Controllers (TECs) and Actuator Terminal • Controllers (ATECs) offered by Siemens Industry, 1/16-inch hex key or 544-643A Passkey Inc. These devices incorporate a solid state or 10K (includes hex bit) NTC sensing element to detect temperature (and •...
  • Page 2 Base. The Sensor Base has an UP b. Level the room unit base plate for arrow molded into the surface in the appearance. same quadrant location. c. Tighten the two mounting screws to the room unit base plate. Page 2 of 3 Siemens Industry, Inc.
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