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LG RKS-6000Q Owner's Manual page 48

Dvd karaoke recorder
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Return Function
This is a function that returns to the preceding menu.
Press RETURN .
If there is no preceding menu (in case of the first
menu), this function may not be executed.
To Adjust MIC Volume
Press MIC VOL. (- / +) on the remote control or turn
MIC VOL. clockwise to increase the volume, or
counterclockwise to decrease it.
To Adjust ECHO Volume
You can give an echo effect to the sound from the
Press ECHO VOL. (- / +) on the remote control.
Key Control
You can change the key to suit your vocal range.
You can adjust the key to 13 steps (6 steps higher,
6steps lower and the original key).
- The setting appears on the screen.
Press KEY CON (b/#) repeatedly on the remote
control to find the key that suits your vocal range.
To flatten the key one by one, press the KEY
CON (b) repeatedly during playback.
To sharp the key one by one, press the KEY
CON (#) repeatedly during playback.
To return to the original key, press the KEY
CON (b/#) repeatedly to appear the original key.
Male/Female Function
If you want to sing a song of men's or women's key,
press MALE/FEMALE repeatedly to change men's or
women's key.
Tempo Change
You can use this function when you want to play fast
or slowly.
• Press TEMPO (+) repeatedly during singing to play
• Press TEMPO (-) repeatedly during singing to play
Reserving the Songs
When you want to make a reservation of next melody,
you can enjoy the most 12 melodies reservation
without waiting.
1. Press the NUMERIC buttons to reserve
melody number you want in the karaoke disc.
Melody number appears on the TV screen.
2. Press PROGRAM.
The melody number is made a reservation.
3. Repeat steps 1-2.
You can reserve 12 songs.
After the one song finishes its playback, the next song
will be play back automatically.
To cancel the reserved song
Each time you press CLEAR, the reserved song will
be cancelled one by one.
To cancel or change the wrong reserved song
Press PROGRAM to move to the desired position,
then press CLEAR to cancel the reserved song.
Shadow Function
If any background image and the song's subtitle are
mixed up, the song's subtitle may be invisible. In this
case, to highlight the song's subtitle, press SHADOW.
- It will be highlighted by background shadow image.



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