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Playing An Audio Cd Or Mp3/Wma File - LG RKS-6000Q Owner's Manual

Dvd karaoke recorder
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Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA
The recorder can play audio CDs and MP3/WMA files.
Before playing MP3/WMA files, read "MP3/WMA audio
file requirement" on right.
1. Press HOME.
The HOME menu appears.
2. Select [MUSIC] option.
3. Select a media that contains MP3/WMA or audio
title then press ENTER.
The [Music List] menu appears on the TV screen.
4. Use v/V to select a track then press PLAY (N).
Playback starts.
You can use variable playback functions. Refer to
pages 23-24.
If you want to move to the upper directory, use
the v / V to highlight
You also display HOME menu to select another
media by pressing HOME.
5. To stop playback at any time, press STOP.
Audio CD and Music menu options
1. Press v / V to select a folder/file on the Audio CD
2. Press v / V / b / B to select an option, and press
1. Press v / V to select a file then press ENTER.
2. Press v / V to select [Random] option then press
3. To return to normal playback, select [Random]
By pressing > during Random playback, the unit
selects another track and resumes Random playback.
and press ENTER.
MP3/WMA audio file requirement
File extensions
".mp3", ".wma".
Sampling frequency:
within 16 - 48 kHz (MP3), within 8 - 48kHz (WMA)
Bit rate:
within 32 - 320kbps (MP3), 5 - 192kbps (WMA)
CD-R Format:
ISO 9660 and JOLIET.
DVD±R/RW Format:
ISO 9660 (UDF Bridge format)
Maximum Files/Disc:
Less than 999 (total number of files and folders)
or Music menu then press ENTER.
The menu options appear.
The menu options displayed differ depending on
the selected media.
[Play] Start playback the selected title.
[Random] Start or stop random playback.
[Open] Opens the folder and a list of files in the
folder appears
[Prog. add] Adds the track(s) to Program List.
(page 29)
The menu options appear.
The unit automatically begins random playback
and "RANDOM" appears on the menu screen.
option again then press ENTER.



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