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Operation; Adjusting Gain; Adjusting Crossover Frequency; Punch Bass - Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4 Installation & Operation Manual

Rockford fosgate 4-channel amplifier installation & operation.
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Do the following individually for each channel.
To adjust the gain setting, turn the amplifier gains all the way down (counter-clockwise).Turn the source unit
volume up until distortion is audible and then turn it down a bit until the distortion is inaudible.This will be
about all the way up on most source units. Next, increase the amplifier gain setting until adequate volume is
NOTE:Best signal to noise and dynamic range are realized with the gain at minimum.
CAUTION:Avoid setting the amplifier gain very high as noise and distortion will
increase significantly.
NOTE:For a more in depth setting procedure, contact Rockford Technical Support.


Placing the crossover switch in the HP position sets the amplifier to the 80hz High Pass mode, enabling
frequencies above the cut-off point to pass.
Placing the crossover switch in the AP position sets the amplifier to the All Pass mode, preventing any
crossover adjustment, allowing all frequencies to pass.
Placing the crossover switch in the LP position sets the amplifier to the Low Pass mode, enabling
frequencies below the cut-off point to pass, adjustable between 50-250Hz.Turn the crossover adjustment
knob all the way down.With the system playing, turn the crossover adjustment knob up slowly until the
desired crossover point is achieved. A good place to start is at about 80Hz.


The Punch Bass control is a narrow band adjustment at 45Hz selectable at 0dB, +6dB and +12dB increments.
Crossover Control (Fixed High-Pass)
Crossover Control (All-Pass)
Crossover Control (Variable Low-Pass)
Punch Bass



Table of Contents

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