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Operation; Adjusting Gain; Adjusting Crossover Frequency; Infrasonic Filter - Rockford Fosgate Power T15kW Installation & Operation Manual

4-channel amplifier.
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1. Disconnect the speakers from the amplifier.
2. Switch both crossovers to AP (All Pass - Center position).
3. Turn both gain controls to 0dB (counter-clockwise all the way).
4. Insert a disc containing a -10dB 1kHz test tone into the source unit. Play the test tone and set source to repeat if necessary.
5. Turn the source unit volume to maximum.
6. Adjust the gain control for channels 1 and 2 until the indicators just hit +2dB. Do the same for channels 3 and 4.
7. Turn the system off and reconnect the speakers to the amplifier.
8. Now you can adjust the crossovers.
This procedure will set the system up with a 10dB of gain overlap. If after listening and evaluating the system you feel more gain is
needed, use the gain indicators on the display to help adjust your desired setting.Try adding gain in 2dB increments until the desired
overlap is achieved. During music playback if the output displays are hitting +2dB on a regular basis, then the gain is set too high.
The +2dB LEDs indicate clipping.
Do the following individually for each channel.
Placing the switch in the LP position sets the amplifier to the Low Pass mode (Slide Switch in Full Left Position), enabling
frequencies below the cut-off point to pass, adjustable between 32Hz to 300Hz.
Placing the switch in the AP position sets the amplifier to the All Pass mode (Slide Switch in Center Position), preventing any
crossover adjustment, allowing all frequencies to pass.
Placing the switch in the HP position sets the amplifier to the High Pass mode (Slide Switch in Full Right Position), enabling
frequencies above the cut-off point to pass, adjustable between 32Hz to 300Hz.
Turn the crossover adjustment knob all the way down.With the system playing, turn the crossover adjustment knob up slowly
until the desired crossover point is achieved.
INFRASONIC FILTER (Push Button Switch)
Pressing this switch in, switches on a 24dB/octave infrasonic filter designed to prevent frequencies below the audio range from being
applied to the subwoofer from the amplifier. Consequently improving subwoofer performance and power handling, particularly in
vented enclosures.
NOTE: The recommended setting for this switch is ON or pushed IN. This will help protect the speakers from over-excursion.
CHANNEL LINK (Push Button Switch)
When pushed IN, transforms the T15kW into a true 2-channel (bridged) amplifier. When activated the LED displays for
channels 3 and 4 in the top panel status board will be turned off. The Link LED will illuminate indicating the Channel Link is Active.
The controls for channels 1 and 2 will control all of the amplifier channels. Only RCA input connections to channels 1 and 2 are
used. This feature was designed with the SPL competitor in mind. The way the amplifier would be connected would be as follows:
Only RCA input connections 1 and 2 used.
Link switch on
Channels 1 and 2 bridged
Channels 3 and 4 bridged


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