Bosch Climate 5000 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Bosch Climate 5000 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Modular air handling unit
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Modular Air Handling Unit
Climate 5000
MAHUP(C)-06.07~ MAHUP(C)-32.40
en Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Read the manual carefully prior to installation and operation the unit!
Observe the warnings in the manual!
Installation by an authourised person only!


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  • Page 1 Modular Air Handling Unit Climate 5000 MAHUP(C)-06.07~ MAHUP(C)-32.40 en Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual Read the manual carefully prior to installation and operation the unit! Observe the warnings in the manual! Installation by an authourised person only!...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Distinguished users: 1.1 Explanation of symbols ........ 3 1.2 Safety information ...... 3 Thank you for choosing and using Bosch products! 1.3 Delivery, handling and storage ... 4 1.3.1 Delivery inspection ....4 For ease of use, please read the Manual carefully 1.3.2 Way of transport....
  • Page 3: Key To Symbols And Safety Introductions

    Close the access door when the unit is and drain off the water during the winter running. and in low temperature. Warning: Risk of scalding! Notice: Any alteration, fixing and removal Please fix on the firm foundation. without permission are forbidden. Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 4: Delivery, Handling And Storage

    1.3.1 Delivery inspection with caliber and wall thickness ≥ Φ 48×6; when the delivery weight is within 4000kg, use steel • Bosch Climate 5000 MAHU, although have been pipe with caliber and wall thickness ≥ Φ 48×10. experienced strict factory inspection, considering...
  • Page 5 Key to symbols and safety instructions | 5 Max. 60° Fig. 1 Schematic diagram of unit lifting Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 6: Unit Introduction

    2.2 Product introduction Any damage and broken due to incorrect installa- tion, operation, commissioning and maintenance, Bosch Climate5000 modular air handling unit because of failure to comply steps and instructions manufactured by Bosch Thermal Technology( specified by this manual shall be free of any responsibilities of the manufacture.
  • Page 7: Unit Symbols

    Fig. 5 Black symbol with yellow background, which requires cutting off the main power before Indoor attached dissembling of the machine/opening up the high information voltage electrical control box or it may cause lethal hazard. Tab. 2 List of functional section symbols Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 8: Unit Installation

    6. Unit body Channel Absorption gasket Flat face foundation Flat face foundation Unit body Channel Absorption gasket Concrete or steel-frame strip foundation Concrete or steel support strap footing foundation Fig. 6 Schematic diagram of base installation 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 9: Equipment Assembly

    3mm. Hex nut M12 Hex bolt M12*80 Use hex bolt M12*80 & hex nut M12 for the ► Fig. 9 Schematic diagram of base connections fixation of the corner of each section→ Fig. 9. Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 10: Installation And Connection Of Air Duct

    Water flow When connecting the pipe, use pipe inlet tong clamping the pipe of coil, and then conduct connection. Connection of condensed pipe shall be applied as well (Fig. 11). Fig. 12 Schematic diagram of pipe connection 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 11: Installation And Connection Of Steam Coil Pipe

    Fig. 14 (siphon provided by the buyer or floating ball Fig. 14 Schematic diagram of floating ball siphon siphon purchased from Bosch (optional). installation • Characteristics of floating ball siphon When the MAHU is operating, U siphon will fails when the unit is running dry.
  • Page 12: Electrical Wiring Of Motors

    3.9 Electrical wiring of humidifier Star-delta starting For wiring of humidifier installed in the unit, please refer to instructions of relevant humidifier. Fig. 15 Schematic diagram of wiring 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 13: Unit Commissioning

    For the brand new unit, when the temperature phases when using the 3-phase motor, ► of fresh air is less than 2℃, pre-heating the coil or run the unit with the 3-phase voltage or applying corresponding protective measures is not equalized. Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 14: Unit Maintenance

    2000-2,500 hours. The filling time above is just for reference, if fan manufacture has special requirements, please do it according to the fan manufacturer’ s require- Fig. 16 Schematic diagram of belt tensioning ment. 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 15 - Regularly check coil cleanliness, clean if nec- Organic essary. When using high pressure cleaning, mg/L ≤0.5 — ≤0.5 — phosphorus be careful with aluminum fins to avoid da- Tab. 4 Cold water • Hot water • Make-up water mages. quality standard recommendation table Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 16: Storage Measures For The Unit Long-Time

    Washing  Replacing  vacuum cleaner month. Do not use water, Cleaning  — — steam and solution to wash full heat ex- changer materials. Tab. 5 Inspection and maintenance tags 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 17 Check the fresh air and return 6.1.2 Rectify air for serialization △ Wheel heat recovery Check the balance of the 6.2.1 Adjust if necessary △ wheel ▲ Check the drive working 6.2.2 condition Tab. 6-1 Inspection and maintenance items 1 Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 18 Check the scale, rust and Only for belt Clean and rectify △ corrosion on the volute casing driven fan Check the vibration, abnormal △ noise and rust of the vane Tab. 6-2 Inspection and maintenance items 2 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 19 Adjust or replace belt in 10.2.3 driven fan ★ accordance with conditions △ Check the tightness of the 10.2.4 axle key △ Check the wearing condition 10.2.5 of the pulley Tab. 6-3 Inspection and maintenance items 3 Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 20: Fault Analysis And Troubleshooting

    Startup Vane run reversely Re-adjust motor wiring Running Air flow too large Turn down air valve switch Fan speed too high Reduce fan speed Repair in accordance with Motor abnormal the specific reason Voltage abnormal Adjust voltage 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 21: Air Flow Insufficient

    Adjust hydraulic seal size of drain seal Repair in accordance with Humidifier abnormal the specific reason Water splashing inside the unit Steam pressure Adjust abnormal Low humidification Increase air supply speed Tab. 7 Fault analysis and troubleshooting table Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 22: Packing List

    22 | Packing list 8 Packing list Packing List CTN: 1 Model and Type Name Unit Quantity Remarks specification Main machine Unit See nameplate Operation and Printed accessories installation manual Install accessories Tab. 8 Packing list 8736862495(2015/07) Climate 5000...
  • Page 23: Notes

    Notes | 23 9 Notes Climate 5000 8736862495(2015/07)
  • Page 24: Climate

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