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Customer Service Department; Before You Begin - Arrow EH54-A Owner's Manual & Assembly Instructions

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Owner's Manual
Before beginning construction, check local building codes regarding footings, location
and other requirements. Study and understand this owner's manual.
Important information and helpful tips will make your construction easier and more
Assembly Instructions:
appropriate information for your building model. Review all instructions before you begin,
and during assembly, follow the step sequence carefully for successful results.
Flooring and Anchoring:
damage. A base is necessary to construct a square and level building. Anchoring and
base materials are not included with your building. We recommend the combined use
of an Arrow Floor Frame Kit and an Arrow Anchoring Kit as an effective method of
securing your building to the ground (Available at your local dealer, Arrow's website or call Arrow's Customer Service department 1-800-851-1085) or you
may construct a base and anchoring system of your choice. Your assembly instructions
provide information on a few methods commonly used to secure and level a storage
Parts and Parts List:
your building.
•All part numbers can be found on the parts. All of these numbers (before the -) must agree with the
numbers on the Parts List page.
•If you nd that a part is missing, include the model number of your building and contact:
Arrow Shed, LLC
1101 North 4th Street
•Separate contents of the carton by the part number while reviewing parts list. The rst few steps
show how to join related parts to make larger sub assemblies which will be used later.
•Familiarize yourself with the hardware and fasteners for easier use during construction. These are
packaged within the carton. Note that extra fasteners have been supplied for your convenience.


Instructions are supplied in this manual and contain all
Your storage building must be anchored to prevent wind
Check to be sure that you have all the necessary parts for
Breese, Illinois 62230
1-800-851-1085 or

Customer Service Department