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Tools And Materials - Arrow EH54-A Owner's Manual & Assembly Instructions

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Watch the Weather:
Do not attempt to assemble your building on a windy day. Be careful on wet or muddy ground.
Whenever possible, two or more people should work together to assemble
your building. One person can position parts or panels while the other is able to handle the
fasteners and the tools.

Tools and Materials:

construction of your building. Decide which method of anchoring and the type of base you
wish to use in order to form a complete list of the materials you will need.
• Eye Goggles
• No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver
(With Hardened Magnetic Tip)
Note: A power screwdriver or vari-
able speed drill with Phillips-tip
attachment can speed assembly by
as much as 40%.
Selecting and Preparing Your Site:
location for your building. The best location is a level area with good drainage.
•Allow enough working space for ease of moving parts into position during assembly. Be sure there
will be enough space at entrance for doors to open fully and enough space around the building to
be able to fasten the panel screws from the outside.
•Before you begin the rst steps in assembling your parts, a base should be constructed and
an anchoring system should be ready to use.
Be sure the day you select to install your building is dry and calm.
These are some basic tools and materials you will need for the
• Work Gloves
• Step Ladder
• Utility Knife / Scissors
• Pliers
• Carpenter's Level
• Tape Measure
Optional Time-Savers
• Wrench / Nut Driver
• Electric / Cordless Drill
• Square
• String
(for squaring frame)
Before assembly, you will want to decide on a
Base Preparation
• Hammer and Nails
• Spade or Shovel
• Hand Saw / Power Saw
• Lumber and/or Concrete