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GE POWER LEADER H-6505A User Manual

Ge power leadertm ethernet gateway user's guide geh6505a.
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Ethernet Gateway
User's Guide


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   Summary of Contents for GE POWER LEADER GEH-6505A

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    GEH–6505A POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway User’s Guide...

  • Page 2

    Features may be described herein that are not present in all hardware and software systems. GE Electrical Distribution & Control assumes no obligation of notice to holders of this document with respect to changes subsequently made.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 1 – Introduction ... 1 1–1 Overview ... 1 1–2 Physical Description ... 2 1-3 Operational Description... 3 Message Format ... 3 Gateway/Host Interface... 3 1–4 Specifications ... 4 1–5 Environmental Requirements... 4 1–6 Terminology... 4 Chapter 2 – Installation ... 5 2–1 Mounting...

  • Page 4

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Table of Contents List of Figures Figure 1. POWER LEADER Ethernet Gateway..1 Figure 2. Typical use of Ethernet Gateway..2 Figure 3. Front view of Ethernet Gateway, showing dimensions..2 Figure 4. Rear view of the Ethernet Gateway, showing Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 ports... 2 Figure 5.

  • Page 5: Chapter 1 - Introduction

    (RTU) networks to an industry-standard, high- speed Ethernet network. Up to 31 Modbus RTU devices can be connected to each of the Modbus RTU networks. Figure 1. POWER LEADER Ethernet Gateway. The Ethernet Gateway works with GE’s Power Management Control System comprehensive...

  • Page 6: Physical Description

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Chapter 1 – Introduction Ho st P MC S Et her net RS485 Modbus RTU E P M E P M 37 2 0 37 10 1–2 Physical Description Figure 3 is an outline drawing showing the dimensions of the Ethernet Gateway.

  • Page 7: Operational Description

    RS485 devices. Modbus messages fr om host to devi ce - Ether net Gateway str ips off header Ethernet Mod bu s Ethernet header messa ge Gateway information M essage tr aveli ng on Ethernet Ethernet Mod bu s...

  • Page 8: Specifications

    1–6 Terminology Following are definitions of some of the terms used in this document. POWER LEADER – The GE family of comprehensive power management devices and system software used to minimize downtime and overall power cost. PMCS – Power Management Control System software.

  • Page 9: Chapter 2 - Installation

    Chapter 2 – Installation 2–1 Mounting The Ethernet Gateway may be mounted on a horizontal surface or on a wall, preferably inside an enclosure or switchgear lineup. The Gateway should be mounted so that it is spaced from enclosure walls or from other components in the enclosure.

  • Page 10: Modbus Connection

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Chapter 2 – Installation 2–4 Modbus Connection The Modbus RTU networks should be connected to the RS485 ports on the back of the Ethernet Gateway, as shown in Figure 9. Figure 9. Connecting an RS485 network to the Ethernet Gateway.

  • Page 11: Modbus Equivalent Addresses

    Modbus device, the Modbus Concentrator. Commnet is a communications protocol utilized by many of the devices from GE’s POWER LEADER family of power management devices. The Modbus Concentrator is a Modbus RTU device that permits commnet devices to be assigned Modbus-equivalent addresses.

  • Page 12: Chapter 3 - Configuration

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Chapter 3 – Configuration Chapter 3 – Configuration The Ethernet Gateway needs to be properly configured to communicate with your RS485 networks. Two items are critical to proper performance of your Gateway: the Gateway’s Ethernet address communication settings.

  • Page 13: Ethernet Gateway Ip Address

    <ENTER> NOTE: The lower portion of the Configuration Menu is labeled Advanced Options. These options are for use ONLY by GE technical support personnel. Do NOT select any of these options. IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY SELECT ADVANCED OPTION CONFIGURATION MENU, PRESS <ESC> TO EXIT, THEN PRESS <ENTER>...

  • Page 14: Message Monitoring

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Chapter 3 – Configuration Option Number: Valid Entries at Prompt: 1 = RS485 Port 1 0 = 1200 baud 3 = RS485 Port 2 1 = 2400 baud 5 = RS485 Port 3 2 = 4800 baud 7 = RS485 Port 4 3 = 9600 baud 2 = RS485 Port 1...

  • Page 15: Gateway Diagnostics

    3–6 Gateway Diagnostics Selecting menu item 11 exits the Gateway software and runs the Gateway diagnostics program. The Gateway Diagnostics menu shown in Figure 14 is displayed on the terminal. Figure 14. Gateway Diagnostics menu. Display Socket, IP Address and Subnet Mask Select menu item 1 to display the IP address and subnet mask for the Gateway.

  • Page 16: Network Test - Factory Use Only

    Chapter 3 – Configuration Network Test – FACTORY USE ONLY NOTE: A client program may be requested from GE to run on the host when performing the network test. The client attempts to establish a connection to a server (the Gateway) with the specified IP address, subnet mask and port number.

  • Page 17: Chapter 4 - Operation

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Chapter 4 – Operation Chapter 4 – Operation The Ethernet Gateway, once properly configured, requires no user intervention for operation. During normal operation, the Ethernet Gateway passes messages to and from the attached Modbus devices and translates these messages between the Ethernet and Modbus RTU protocols.

  • Page 18: Chapter 5 - Diagnostic Messages And Errors

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Chapter 5 – Errors and Diagnostic Messages Chapter 5 – Diagnostic Messages and Errors 5–1 Monitor Mode The Ethernet Gateway can be set to send diagnostic messages to the RS232 port to be displayed on a terminal (see Chapter...

  • Page 19: Chapter 6 - Troubleshooting Guide

    Chapter 6 – Troubleshooting Guide The following guide is provided for troubleshooting and isolating common problems. It does not cover every possible condition. Contact the ED&C Customer Support Center at 800-843-3742 if the problem is not resolved by these procedures. Symptom Possible Cause No response at either...

  • Page 20: Rs485 Port Configuration Worksheets

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Configuration Worksheets RS485 Port Configuration Worksheets Use the following worksheets to record the devices attached to the Ethernet Gateway for reference and troubleshooting. Record the Ethernet Gateway’s Ethernet address on the first page only, then fill in the information on the Modbus devices attached to Baud Rate for RS485 Port 1 Modbus...

  • Page 21: Configuration Worksheets

    Baud Rate for RS485 Port 2 Modbus Device Network Number Device Type & Physical Location / Notes POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway RS485 Port 2 Worksheet Configuration Worksheets Modbus Address...

  • Page 22

    POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway Configuration Worksheets Baud Rate for RS485 Port 3 Modbus Device Network Number Device Type & Physical Location / Notes RS485 Port 3 Worksheet Modbus Address...

  • Page 23

    Baud Rate for RS485 Port 4 Modbus Device Network Number Device Type & Physical Location / Notes POWER LEADER™ Ethernet Gateway RS485 Port 4 Worksheet Configuration Worksheets Modbus Address...

  • Page 24

    General Electric Company 41 Woodford Ave., Plainville, CT 06062 GEH-6505A 0996 © 1996 General Electric Company GE Electrical Distribution & Control...

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