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Charging A Battery - Honeywell MB4-BAT-SCN02 Quick Start Manual

4-bay battery charging station
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Charging a Battery

Line the battery's contacts up with the contacts on the charging
pocket. Firmly press the battery into the battery charging
pocket. The LED to the left of the pocket lights up in an amber
color when the battery is properly inserted.
Status LED
It is important that batteries are inserted into the charging
pocket correctly. Inserting the battery incorrectly could result in
damage to the battery or the charger.
When a battery is placed in a charging pocket, the charger
begins charging the battery. There is a slight delay while the
charger evaluates the condition of the battery before charging
begins. While charging, the amber LED on the battery charger
indicates the battery is charging. A green LED indicates the bat-
tery has been fully charged and can be removed.