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Unpack Your Charging Station - Honeywell MB4-BAT-SCN02 Quick Start Manual

4-bay battery charging station
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The MB4-BAT-SCN02 is a compact 4-slot battery charging sta-
tion for use with BAT-SCN02 and BAT-SCN03 batteries.
• The BAT-SCN02 high capacity lithium ion battery (3.8V,
2160mAh) powers the 8680i for 8000 scans and 10 hours.
• The BAT-SCN03 standard capacity lithium ion battery (3.7V,
1150mAh) powers the 8680i for 3000 scans and 7 hours.
Batteries are not fully charged when shipped. The battery
should be charged for a minimum of 4 hours at room tempera-
ture before initial use to ensure optimal performance.

Unpack your charging station

After you open the shipping carton containing the product, take
the following steps:
• Check for damage during shipment. Report damage
immediately to the carrier who delivered the carton.
• Make sure the items in the carton match your order.
• Save the shipping container for later storage or shipping.